Outer Banks NC Sea Turtles: Nesting, Hatching, & Rescues of Loggerheads

outer banks sea turtles

Visit the Outer Banks between May and September and you may get to witness one of Nature’s most amazing sights: nesting sea turtles. Did you know that sea turtles spend their lives in deep water, only coming ashore to lay eggs? Sea turtles are among the largest reptiles on Earth — some can reach almost 2,000 pounds. It can take up to 50 years for a female sea turtle to be ready to reproduce, and then she can live to be 100. Little is known about these mysterious creatures, which is one of the reasons that locals are passionate about protecting them.


Overview of Outer Banks Islands

Outer Banks islands

Curious about the Outer Banks islands? You’re not alone. The Outer Banks, as a whole, stretch across 130 miles along the North Carolina coast. However, each island has its own personality. Here’s an overview to share a few insights that will allow you to choose the best spots for your Outer Banks vacation.


13 Beach Hacks for Your Next Outer Banks Vacation

beach hacks for your Outer Banks vacation

Days at the beach are one of the best parts of an Outer Banks vacation. Warm sand, picnics, and hours to read, nap, and gallivant in the surf are the main ingredients for a relaxing break. A perfect day at the beach takes a little planning, so here are 13 clever beach hacks to help make your next Outer Banks vacation even better:


Outer Banks Visitor Guide

Outer Banks visitor guide

Heading to the Outer Banks? From our famous beaches to local dining, there’s plenty to see, do, and eat once you arrive. Here’s a sample of the excitement and local fare you can look forward to. See you soon!


Gourmet Foodie Vacation Fun in the Outer Banks


For foodies, a big part of vacation is the opportunity to try new local flavors. Experimenting with new ingredients, stocking up on treats not readily found at home, and maybe even learning a few new cooking or baking tips makes vacationing in the Outer Banks a foodie’s dream. If you’re a gourmet (or a wannabe), plan to take part in a few of these exciting activities during your next trip.


Fall Bird Migration Spectacular in Outer Banks, NC

Fall Bird Migration

Every fall and winter, thousands of birds migrate through the Outer Banks in search of food. The Outer Banks is part of the Atlantic Flyway, a bird migration path that traces the Atlantic Coast to the Appalachian Mountains. It begins in the Arctic Islands and Greenland and goes through Florida, where it merges with other migration paths to the Caribbean islands. Nearly 400 species of birds have been recorded in the Outer Banks, making the barrier islands a birder’s paradise in fall and winter.


5 Reasons You Should Stay in an Outer Banks Vacation Rental

outer banks vacation rental

Renting a house, a condo, an apartment, or even a room is a trend you’re seeing more and more in vacation areas. If you haven’t thought about staying in a vacation rental when visiting the Outer Banks here are 5 reason why you should.


Outer Banks Wins 5 Best Beach Awards

outer banks awards

The Outer Banks beaches are no strangers to Best Beach lists all over the world. History, natural beauty, easy navigation and access, family-friendly activities, and beautiful beach home rentals are just a few of the reasons why the Outer Banks is regularly hailed by travel buffs. Check out just a handful of our many accolades below.


Why You Should Visit The Outer Banks In The Fall

outer banks fall vacation

Have you ever thought about visiting the Outer Banks in the fall? If your answer is yes, then you may know some of the reasons why this is the best time of the year to visit. If your answer is no, then you may wonder what those reasons are.


Discover Nature with Outer Banks Land and Sea Tours

outer banks tours

Whether it’s your first time vacationing in the Outer Banks or you’re a regular visitor, one of the top ways to get to know North Carolina’s special barrier islands is to take a tour. Plenty of small group excursions highlight the best of land and sea in almost every area of the Outer Banks. Here are some of our favorite tours: