Wonderful Memory of the OBX

This photo is of Will Zimmer of Erie, PA who stayed with us at “Pelican Inn” from June 13th through 20th. Will’s Mom Christine tells us Will is 3 years old and enjoyed every minute at the beach with the water and the sand. The picture was taken during one of the few times he sat down just to relax. Christine tells us the next time Will returns to the beach he will be a big brother! Congratulations Zimmers and thanks for sharing your wonderful memory of the OBX and your picture of Will!

Outer Banks Family Fun

This week we share with you a couple of pictures from Carrol Bane of Brilliant, Ohio who was here on the Outer Banks with her clan at the Outer Banks property, “It’s A Shore Thing”, from June 6th through the 13th. Carrol tells us this is actually a picture of Santa Claus (front with the hat on) and his family! We had no idea the jolly man enjoyed the OBX as much as the rest of us, but thanks for sharing Carrol! The human beach pyramid is courtesy of Carrol’s grandchildren who obviously had a good time in Corolla as well.

Carrol said “What a blessing it was” to have everyone together. Indeed!

Carroll is now enrolled in our monthly picture of the month contest with appreciation of her sharing her precioius family memories with us here on Memory Monday. Don’t forget to send us your memories and if your entry is picked as the photo of the month you will receive $100 towards your next OBX Blue vacation.

An Awesome Outer Banks Getaway

We had an awesome week at “Carolina Getaway” May 23-30, 2009.

This picture was taken from the pool area at the house, looking up to the upper deck. The kids in our group invented a creative game of “Keep-Away” in which half of each team was up on the deck and the other half of each team was in the pool below. They tossed a plastic ball either up or down to their teammates. Great fun to play and watch. This picture shows the kids up on the deck waiting for the ball to come up. READ MORE

2009 Outer Banks Relay for Life

Well this week on Everything Outer Banks we have to take our collective hat off to the Outer Banks Relay for Life which benefits the American Cancer Society. Particularly we congratulate the Blue Team from Outer Banks Blue Realty Services which did a fantastic job raising money for the charity of our choice. READ MORE