Memory Monday 9/18/17 – Cute Kid

Greetings from the Outer Banks on this Memory Monday.   We start your Monday off with a cute kid on the beach this week.

Keep a good thought for us this week as we all wait and watch anxiously for the passing of Hurricane Jose.  Forecasts take the big boy storm off of our coast by a few hundred miles, but we are experiencing some clouds, breezy conditions and some off and on rain today.   Enough weather to chase everyone off of the beach and for the red flags to be flying on the dunes today warning swimmers to stay out of the water.  Let’s hoe this is as bad as it gets with regard to the weather this week. READ MORE

Memory Monday 9/11/17 – Patriot Day

Greetings on this Patriot Day 2017.   For those of us old enough there is always a couple of constants about today.  First we all remember where we were when we got the news, and the other is the incredible feeling of betrayal that something like the 9/11 attacks could actually happen on our soil. READ MORE

Memory Monday 8/28/17 – Big Chair Photos

Greetings from a blustery Outer Banks on this Memory Monday.  We are under a Tropical storm watch right now, but expect that to change to a warning (meaning conditions for a Tropical Storm will arrive within 36 hours), and rain will move into the area tonight.   The good news is the storm (unnamed still, but will become Irma if it reaches tropical storm strength) is expected to move through the area rapidly and clear skies will return for this week’s rental guests.  Maybe by Wednesday we will have clear skies and great beach weather again. READ MORE

Memory Monday 8/7/17 – Crabs!

We greet you on this fabulous Monday giving thanks for a great day on the Outer Banks with full electric power, and a beach bustling with happy vacationers.   Although the northern Outer Banks was largely unaffected by the power outage that cripled Hatteras Island and Ocracoke last week, we were empathetic to our neighbors to the south that were effectively out of business for a week.   We are all back to normal now, and this week’s Memory Monday photo gives us an image of one of the great things to do as a family during a vacation to the Outer Banks – Pick crabs! READ MORE

Memory Monday 7/31/17 – Montage

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission is a collection of a few photos because we’ve gotten so many recently quite honestly we are trying to get as many photos and stories posted that we can.   So we are calling this the Memory Monday Montage. READ MORE