13 Beach Hacks for Your Next Outer Banks Vacation

beach hacks for your Outer Banks vacation

Days at the beach are one of the best parts of an Outer Banks vacation. Warm sand, picnics, and hours to read, nap, and gallivant in the surf are the main ingredients for a relaxing break. A perfect day at the beach takes a little planning, so here are 13 clever beach hacks to help make your next Outer Banks vacation even better: READ MORE

Memory Monday 3/13/17

March Madness…

So have you been feeling the symptoms of March Madness?  It started for several of our staff members around here last night with the announcement of the teams selected to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, and we believe work production will be diminished around here at Outer Banks Blue starting this Thursday as everyone starts watching their brackets and cheering for teams they have never pulled for before. READ MORE

Memory Monday 8/15/16

Two Memory Monday Photos

This week on Memory Monday we are starting the process of clearing out the attic stored with so many of your photo memories.    We are so happy to get scores of photos from you each month here at Outer Banks Blue, and we apologize that we can’t get them all posted, but this week we will start looking deep into our archives and, starting today, we will post two photo memories each week! READ MORE

Memory Monday 8/17/15

Up with the sun.

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Alice Weingartner of Auburn, Kansas who stayed with Outer Banks Blue in June in the vacation rental property “Over Seas” in Corolla. READ MORE

Memory Monday 6/22/15

Monday Montage!

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Tamika Gunn Forbes of Durham, North Carolina who stayed with Outer Banks Blue this past spring in the property “Rum Runner” in Southern Shores.
This is the first montage of photos we’ve received this year and so we can easily see how Tamika’s group had such a great time while here on the OBX! READ MORE

Memory Monday 3/30/15

Fishing on the OBX!

Thanks to Craig Smith who sends along this week’s Memory Monday Photo submission.  One his stay with Outer Banks Blue last fall he enjoyed a day on the beach with his truck!  One of the unique things about the Outer Banks is the ability for those with a sturdy 4 wheel drive vehicle can actually drive on certain designated areas of the beach, and Craig did just that last Fall for a great day of fishing. READ MORE

Memory Monday 5/5/14

Happy Cinco De Mayo

On this festive day on the Outer Banks we send along these photo memories of her Outer Banks Blue vacation from Janet Dehoux of Matthews, Virginia who stayed with us last September at the property “Just Chillin” in Kill Devil Hills. READ MORE