Hurricane Sandy Update #3  (10/28/12  12 PM)

The storm known as “Sandy” is now a hurricane once again on Sunday morning, and her full effects are being seen here on the Outer Banks today!

Strong wind (sustained at 35 MPH and gusting to 48) are being felt at our office here in Kitty Hawk.  Rain bands are coming in off of the ocean bringing heavy rains along the Outer Banks.  There has been ocean overwash in the Kitty Hawk area and on Hatteras Island, and flooding is being experienced all around the Outer Banks from the constant rain that started on Friday morning.

Outer Banks Blue Sign “Blown Away” by Sandy

We here at Outer Banks Blue have learned a valuable lesson today….never taunt a Hurricane!  

We posted a note on our Marquee for Hurricane Sandy to “blow away.” 

Well our roadside sign was a victim of the heavy winds along the Outer Banks this morning as a heavy gust knocked out one of the panels of the sign.  Not nice Sandy!

On a more serious note.  Highway 12 has been closed just south of the Oregon Inlet Bridge due to ocean overwash and sand build up on the roadway.  

Just south of the “New Inlet” bridge is also experiencing some ocean overwash, but the bridge is still in place and operating as designed..

New Inlet Bridge Standing Strong on Sunday Morning

Jeannette’s Pier Battling Hurricane Sandy

Take a look at these two photos posted this morning which is a picture of the new Jeannette’s Pier in Nags Head.    The first picture gives you a feel for the huge waves (Waves are being reported as high as 15 feet as they roll into the shore),

and the 2nd picture is a picture taken from the parking lot of the pier looking east towards the pier (note the ocean in the background) and take a look at the collection of the Sea Foam that has collected on the pier from the wind whipped waves!   The man on the left is walking down a ramp from the pier, and you can see the 2nd ramp on the right hand side.   There is a chasm between the two walkways that is completely filled with sea foam.  The white line you see just to the right of the man in the yellow raincoat is actually a railing on the walkway completely covered in sea foam!

This is what we call Sea Foam…Wow!

Meanwhile, Outer Banks Blue is open as usual with normal office hours today and many businesses in the area are operating normally as well.  We have even taken several reservations for 2013 vacations today!  We are staying indoors as much as possible, and looking forward to Sandy’s effects passing us by over the next 24 hours.    All roads and bridges remain open and passable on the Northern Outer Banks even though travel is not recommended today by transportation officials.

The latest forecast calls for our current conditions to be felt for the next 18 to 24 hours before the storm moves north of our area.  Forecast tracks still call for the storm to take a left turn on Monday evening and the storm is predicted to make landfall in the Delaware area.

Check here for more pictures and updates as conditions warrant!

All the best from the beach!



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