Best Pizza on the OBX

Best Pizza on the Outer Banks

Now when you think of food on the Outer Banks your typical thoughts are usually seafood, burgers, surf and turf, but rarely will pizza come to mind. This is quite a mistake in my opinion. The Outer Banks may not be known for pizza since it is typically associated with New York and Chicago, but the OBX is home to some amazing options!  READ MORE

The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

Who has the best seafood on the Outer Banks? This is a question we hear often as a local. To some a specific place might immediately pop into their head, but when you take a moment to think about it this really is almost an impossible question to answer. After all, this is the Outer Banks and we are known for our seafood. READ MORE

Top 7 Outer Banks Coffee Shops

Tree House Coffee

About 2 years ago we wrote an article with the Top 5 Outer Banks coffee shops, but some were missed and one went away. Not to mention a new coffee shop made its appearance on the Outer Banks this year. READ MORE

How To Avoid The Traffic on Your Drive to the Outer Banks: Updated with Pro Tips

how to avoid the traffic outer banks

Back in 2014 we released a blog article on how to avoid the traffic on you drive to the Outer Banks. After seeing how many people that article helped and reading everyone’s responses and tips, we’ve decided to update it. Anyone who has driven to the Outer Banks on a Saturday knows how bad the traffic can be during peak season.  We’ve had reports saying the traffic was backed up 20 miles behind the Wright Memorial Bridge. READ MORE

How To Survive Long Days At the Beach

survive outer banks beach day

Summer’s approaching faster than you think and you know what that means; Long hot days at the beach! If you’re like me then you can barley contain your excitement when you think about being under the warm sun while listening to the sound of the waves roll onto the beach. I try to make the most out of my days at the beach. I clear my whole schedule and plan on staying from late morning until the evening. Long beach days like this take a lot out of you and many people couldn’t imagine staying that long. But for all the people that love beach days as much as I do here is how to survive a long day on the beach! READ MORE

Which Outer Banks Town is Best for You?

Outer Banks vacation

No one has the same vision for the perfect vacation. Some may picture peace, quiet, and seclusion while others may picture plenty of activities close by. Regardless of what your ideal vacation looks like the Outer Banks has the perfect fit for everyone. READ MORE

10 Tips for Enjoying Your Outer Banks Vacation Without Gaining 10 Pounds

Gaining 10 Pounds
If you’re anything like me then you’re ready for some good food and relaxation on your Outer Banks vacation. You’re excited to indulge in the local cuisine and you’ve been dreaming about laying on the beach soaking in the sunshine. You shouldn’t let the thought of gaining weight stop you from fully enjoying your vacation. Then again who wants to gain weight and have to work twice as hard to lose it after vacation? What if I told you there was a way to fully enjoy your vacation without gaining 10 pounds? Here’s my top 10 secrets to do just that…

1. Set challenges

It is important to set goals, or challenges, for yourself before your vacation begins. Often when people set a challenge for themselves they are more inclined to stick to it. For instance, maybe make 100 pushups a day challenge. This would mean that you make sure to complete 100 pushups before the day is over. You can do sets of 10 or 20 throughout the entire day to make it easier. Feel free to lower the number if 100 a day is too difficult, but make sure it still challenges you. This will keep you active and keep your body in fat burning mode throughout your vacation.

2. Portion Sizes

Have you noticed the portions most restaurants give these days? Oftentimes, there is easily enough food for two people. If you have someone that is willing to share a meal with you then you will not only save calories, you will save money as well. If no one is willing to share with you that doesn’t mean you have to stuff yourself and eat the entire plate. Eat half of your plate and save the other half as a meal for later. Maybe you’re eating in at your vacation rental and everyone is indulging in fattening foods such as pizza or ice cream. Why should you have to skip out on the delicious food when no one else is? It’s all about the portion sizes. Instead of having 3 slices of pizza cut it back to 2 slices or even 1 and a half slices. More times than not that will be plenty of pizza to fill you up and still feel good afterward. The same goes for ice cream. Don’t eat an entire bowl just have a good scoop. One scoop of ice cream may not seem like enough, but it should be plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pro tip: Take smaller bites. This will trick your brain into thinking you are eating more since it will last longer.

3. Choose Menu Options Wisely

Trying to keep the weight off on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t partake in eating out at delicious local restaurants with everyone else. Don’t jump to a conclusion on the first thing you see that sounds good on the menu. Often there are many healthy menu items that are just as, if not more, delicious than the indulgent options. Pick your meal wisely and enjoy every bite of it. Instead of getting that plate of nachos smothered in cheese try some fresh local fish with coconut rice or another lean option.

4. Eat In

Outer Banks house rentals include fully equipped kitchens that make cooking in a breeze. Make eating in fun! Choose themes for every meal: Mexican, Chinese, grilling, seafood, vegetarian, etc., then research new recipes to try. Let every person/group choose a meal, so the entire group gets involved.

5. Include Super Foods READ MORE

How to Avoid the Traffic on Your Drive to the Outer Banks – Updated

In 2014, we released this article because summer traffic to the Outer Banks was a topic we knew could use a little insider information on how to avoid this traffic. The article was well received and many people responded with their own tips and tricks. 3 years later avoiding traffic on the drive to the Outer Banks is still a subject that is valuable to our visitors so we decided to update this article with some of the wonderful tips provided by our readers.

Anyone who has driven to the Outer Banks on a Saturday knows how bad the traffic can be during peak season.  Every year we hear reports saying the traffic was backed up 20 miles behind the Wright Memorial Bridge.

Everyone knows where the problem is.  It’s the intersection in Kitty Hawk that takes you north onto highway 12 into Southern Shores.  Traffic there bottlenecks and can add anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to your driving time. For guests who are staying south of this intersection there is a better way. If you’re staying in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, or Nags Head with Outer Banks Blue here we have some time saving tips for you.  During the peak vacation season, do not come across the Wright Memorial Bridge to get to the Outer Banks over the Wright Memorial Bridge during peak vacation season!

As most veteran vacationers to the Outer Banks know, traveling to the Outer Banks from the north and driving across the bridge will add around 3 hours to your driving time due to traffic. Google maps may say the stretch from Richmond to Kill Devil Hills, the middle ground for our Kitty Hawk to Nags Head guests, will take you 2 hours and 57 minutes but in reality it will take you 5 to 7 hours.

Those of you who usually drive by, or near Richmond and then take Highway 64 to Chesapeake, instead take Richmond, VA to Edenton, NC.  Yes Google maps will say the drive is 4 hours, which is 1 hour and 3 minutes longer, but when you consider the traffic it is actually a time saver.  Most who are trying to arrive on the Outer Banks by crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge are averaging a 6 hours drive from Richmond to Kill Devil Hills, but if you take the Edenton route you may cut as much as 2 hours off your drive.  You may still encounter some traffic once your arrive on the Outer Banks, but as everyone knows the traffic south of the Kitty Hawk-Southern Shores traffic light is rather light by comparison.

Not only is this route a time saver but it is also full of smaller roads through the countryside which may be a nice change of scenery from your average drive down the interstate.

Another alternative to these routes is to take I-95 South to US-64 East by Rocky Mount, NC. This path shows on Google Maps as being 16 minutes longer than the Edenton route, but it is mostly freeway and has a lot more gas stations and food to stop at along the way.

Even those of you who must travel through Chesapeake, due to where you live, can take advantage of this tip when coming to the Outer Banks on a Saturday during peak season. The problem where traffic occurs typically begins somewhere between the Virginia-North Carolina state line and Highway 158-Highway 168 intersection.  With there being an additional hour and 14 minutes to go the Edenton route you will still save time when considering traffic.

You can use Google maps link to map out this route.  Simply adjust the start location with your home and the end location with your Outer Banks Blue vacation rental address.

A big tip to beat a lot of traffic is what day you check in on. Typically, most people vacationing on the Outer Banks choose to rent from Saturday to Saturday. If you switch up your check in day to a Friday or Sunday Check in traffic will be much less.

If you are crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge no later than 9:00 am then you are usually in the clear. Most days traffic doesn’t tend to get congested until around 10 am. I know 9:00 am sounds early, especially if your rental won’t be ready until 4:00 pm, but it’s more enjoyable to find something to do on the Outer Banks rather than sit in traffic for hours.

If you arrive to the Outer Banks before your Outer Banks vacation rental is ready try grabbing a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants. The beach is full of great local cuisine that we recommend everyone try (Top 8 Favorite Place To Get Breakfast on the Outer Banks). One of the best early arrival tips we can give you is to plan like you will arrive early. Pack swim suits and beach chairs to be easily accessible. If there is still time to kill until you can check into your rental you will be able to get to the beach gear easily and have a beach day until you can unpack the rest of your luggage.

We hope these tips can help you on your next trip to the Outer Banks. If you have any tips that we’ve left out we would love to hear them in the comments!

Top Ten Ways To Stay In Shape During Your Outer Banks Summer Vacation!

outer banks summer vacation
Everyone loves to go on vacation. There is something about getting away from your normal surroundings that cleanses the soul, but often when we go on vacation we tend to leave our diets and exercise habits at home. This may make for a more relaxing vacation, but we all know that feeling of seeing the scale jump up 5-10 pounds after returning home.  Here are ten great tips to staying in shape while on your Outer Banks vacation.

#1 Morning Jog on the Beach

There is nothing more motivating than seeing the sunrise over the ocean while hearing the peaceful sound of the waves slapping the shore. Instead of sitting on the deck of your vacation rental watching the sunrise take this opportunity to go for a peaceful morning jog on the beach.

#2 Take a Bike Ride

Riding a bike may seem simple and not compare to your usual work out regiment, but it has actually provided all of us great exercise since we were kids.

#3 Swim a Few Laps

We all love getting in the ocean to floating around, doggy paddling with the kids, or laying out in a float on a calm day. Next time you decide to jump in the ocean to cool off try swimming. Swimming is often overlooked as exercise but it causes you to engage your whole body in a good work out.

#4 Go Surfing

Surfing is not only an amazing full body work out, but it’s also a lot of fun. If you don’t know how to surf there are plenty of training camps on the Outer Banks. This may be the perfect time for you to learn!

#5 Paddle Board

Paddle boarding is a great upper body work out. You are constantly engaging your upper body while getting to enjoy the peacefulness of being out on the ocean relaxing.

#6 Kayak

Whether you choose to go ocean kayaking or go kayaking in the sound, it is sure to be a fun and relaxing way to keep in shape on your Outer Banks vacation. We recommend looking at places such as Kitty Hawk Kites for great kayak tours.

#7 Beach Yoga

If you are someone that like to really take it easy and relax then beach yoga is perfect for you! Break out the yoga mat under a beautiful sunrise on the beach to get a blissful exercise.

#8 Excursion

Plan an excursion! This will be sure to be a fun activity for the whole family. Nags Head Woods has some great trails and beautiful scenery to complete the perfect family excursion.

#9 Throw a Frisbee

We all know it and most of us love it. Throwing a Frisbee is not a new beach activity but it will continue to be fun beach exercise. Your core, arms, and legs all get worked out while you have a blast with the kids.

#10 Portion Sizes READ MORE

Top 6 Things To Do When It Rains in the Outer Banks

things to do when it rains on the outer banks
There’s nothing better than a sunny day at the beach. Unfortunately sometimes the weather changes in the blink of an eye and it ends up raining. Instead of getting upset and letting this rain hinder your Outer Banks vacation, embrace it! Here is our top 6 things to do when it rains on the Outer Banks.

  • Movies: One of the most common activities to do when it rains is to go see a movie. Located in Kill Devil Hills is R/C Movies 10, our local movie theater. From delicious popcorn and refreshments to comfortable seating, this movie theater will leave you with a very pleasant experience to share with your family. With 10 movies playing there is bound to be something for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Laser Tag: Here on the Outer Banks we have two different laser tag locations; Gearworks located in Nags Head and Destination Fun located in Kill Devil Hills. Laser tag is not only good exercise, it is also a great family experience. At Gearworks if you have kids or need a break from laser tag you can enjoy the arcade or the inflatable play area for kids. Destination Fun is not just known for their laser tag, they also have an indoor 3D mini golf course and an arcade. Both of these places will be sure to leave you with a unique experience.
  • Bowling: Located in Nags Head is our local bowling alley, OBX Bowling Center. From late night rock n’ bowl to league tournaments you are bound to have a great time with friends and family! If you need a break from bowling don’t worry they have an arcade and a delicious refreshment bar.
  • Aquarium: If you’re looking for an enjoyable and educational activity to do when it rains on the Outer Banks then be sure to head over to the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. From alligators to sharks the aquarium will be sure to leave you mesmerized as you watch and learn about all of the exhibits. For kids there is a hands on experience between the touch tank and the sea turtle rehabilitation center, but let’s face it most adults will enjoy this too.
  • Shopping: Shopping is always a good rainy day option on the Outer Banks. We have a little something for everyone. Most people enjoy going to the Tanger Outlet in Nags Head. The Tanger Outlet has a wide variety of stores that will suit most everyone’s needs. The Outer Banks is home to many surf shops that offer a wide variety of products from clothing and accessories to surfboards and boogie boards. If you have anyone in your family that likes to fish, the Outer Banks has you covered. There are many great bait and tackle shops that stretch from Corolla to Hatteras. These bait and tackle shops will not only be able to provide you with the supplies you need but will also be able to provide you with an accurate fishing report of the area.
  • Staying At Your Vacation Rental: It’s nice to get out of the house when it’s raining on vacation, but it can also be just as enjoyable to stay at the house and spend some quality time with the family. Often times on vacation family members and friends are so excited to get to the destination and fulfill all of their plans that they overlook the most important part… quality time with the family. If it rains on vacation this is the perfect opportunity to really spend some time together. There are a number of activities to do when you stay at your rental. A great and popular way to spend time together when you stay inside is to break out the board games. Sometimes there is nothing better than having the whole family sitting around a table competing to see who will be the champion of the night. This tends to bring smiles, laughter, and happiness to all ages. After the board games are over you can all gather together in the living room and relax by watch a movie.

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