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How To Survive Long Days At the Beach

Summer's approaching faster than you think and you know whatthat means; Long hot days at the beach! If you're like me then you can barleycontain your excitement when you think about being under the warm sun whilelistening to the sound of the waves roll onto the beach. I try to make the mostout of my...

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Memory Monday 7/29/13

Go Fly A Kite!It is a rainy Monday here on the Outer Banks and we need something to brighten our day.   So today's Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Kasey Woodrum who sent along this picture of her daughter flying a kite on the beach on Hatteras Island earlier this year.Nothing

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Sweet Summer time on the OBX!

There is just something about summer time...flowers blossom, kids are finished with school work, routines change, gardens grow, families spend more time outdoors, cook outs, baseball games, pool parties...what I am missing? Oh yeah...THE BEACH! Check out the perfect day to be on the

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