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Happy Monday: Memory Monday October 24, 2016.

Happy Monday!Greetings from the beautiful Outer Banks on this next to last Monday in October! It is Monday and that is our favorite day of the week because we get to share with you our Memory Monday photos that have been sent to us by guests who have enjoyed a recent stay on the banks.Today's Memory...

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Memory Monday 6/30/14

Land Shark?!There's a little bit of sadness as we write this week's Memory Monday Photo submission entry....today is the last day of June so the days are getting progressively shorter, and one of the three months of the summer beach season is now behind us, but we still have July and August!This

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Memory Tuesday

Tuesday PicsI hope everyone understands that this week's "Memory Monday" photo submission is being sent out on Tuesday due to yesterday being Memorial Day - we felt it important to honor Memorial day with yesterday's post.Today's photo submission comes to us from Amy Brumbaugh of Williamsburg,

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