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The Best Beach House Amenities

When trying to decide which house to rent for your vacation, you already know a few things going into it. You know how many beds you’ll need, where you’ll be vacationing, and what your budget is. But once you’ve narrowed down the list of options from there, you’ll probably still have quite a few potential choices – all of which look appealing to you. So how do you choose from there? Well, one of the best ways to narrow down your list even further is to look at the amenities!

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Wright Memorial Bridge Open to Traffic Again

This Wednesday morning brought good news for Outer Banks commuters as the west bound lanes of the Wright Memorial Bridge was re-opened to traffic this morning just in time for the morning commute!Photo Courtesy of Sam Walker (Outer Banks Voice)The west bound lanes of the Wright Memorial Bridge have

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Memory Monday 4/7/14

Say Cheese!This week's Memory Monday Photo Submission comes to us from Eric Schwab of Rockville, Maryland who stayed with us last August.This adorable guy looks like he is really enjoying himself in the hot tub.   On a cold, dreary and rainy day in April who of us would not switch spots with

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