Hurricane Dorian Update #3 9/4/19

Evacuation Order Continues

As of 10:00 AM on Wednesday (9/4/19) the Mandatory Evacuation order and state of emergency continues for all of the Outer Banks. Dare county visitors and residents as well as Currituck county visitors and residents are all impacted by this order.

hurricane dorian

We do not know when the evacuation order will be lifted, and guests who had arrival dates for 9/4, 9/5 or 9/6 should not plan on arriving on time due to the projected path of the storm. Guests who have arrival dates of 9/7, 9/8 or later should continue to check this location for updates as the storm progresses.

Please Don’t Come Till Order is Lifted

It is important for arriving guests to understand that they should not make their way to the Outer Banks until the evacuation order is lifted. Even then arriving guests should be aware that many houses need to be prepared for their arrival (i.e. the house cleaned, pools and hot tubs cleaned and restarted, etc.), and there may be furniture stacked and tied down. Your patience in this process is greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind as long as there is a mandatory evacuation, access to the Outer Banks is limited and guests will be unable to access their rental property due to blocked roads. Again arriving guests for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should not plan on arriving on time for their rentals. We will continue to keep you posted here for those that have arrivals for later dates.

The impacts of Hurricane Dorian are expected to arrive on the Outer Banks on Thursday. As of Wednesday morning winds are picking up, ocean conditions are deteriorating, and cloudy skies are prevalent.

At this time last minute preparations of the properties continue in anticipation of the storm. Outer Banks Blue offices remain open today (Wednesday), but we will likely close as the storm approaches.

Please check back at this location for more updates. The next update will be posted on Thursday morning (9/5/19).



Hurricane Dorian Update #3 9/4/19

by Tim Cafferty time to read: 2 min

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