Two Picture Kind of Day: Memory Monday June 27, 2016.

Two picture kind of day

This week’s Memory Monday photo submissions come to us from Amy Chalmers of Clarksville, Maryland and Carrie Henry of Athens, Pennsylvania.

SunsetWe have two weather pictures for you this week.  Amy, who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last week at the vacation rental property “Bella Sound” in Duck caught this majestic photo of the evening sky over the Currituck Sound right out her back window.


Now that is what we call a sunset!   Thanks Amy!

Next we have a photo from the vacation rental “Just Chillin’” in Kill Devil Hills.  Totally different day, and different experience, but Carrie caught this picture of a double rainbow after a quick shower.


Thanks to both Carrie and Amy who caught shots of nature’s splendor here on the Outer Banks.  We look forward to service you both and your families again soon!

All the best from the beach!




Two Picture Kind of Day: Memory Monday June 27, 2016.

by Tim Cafferty time to read: 1 min

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