Amazing Message In a Bottle Story

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my 11 year old son took our dog for a walk on the beach and found a message in the bottle, resting at the waters edge. It was a Gatorade bottle with the letter, 3 – $1 bills, a pack of Skittles and a pen. He picked it up because he saw the money and brought it home. When our family read the letter it brought us to tears. It speaks of how you should live your life, and suggested that the universe had chosen Thomas to receive the letter. The intriguing part is it was addressed to “the adventuresome beholder of this message” and written by someone who had less than two months to live. It is ironic that this message fits Thomas perfectly. I am certain this message was meant for our family. My father, Thomas’s grandfather, died 4 weeks before after a relatively short illness. It really speaks to how important it is to be a good person, live a good life, and cherish the good things in life. It is a message important for everyone. READ MORE

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