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A Perfect Day in Manteo in the NC Outer Banks

It's less than two miles square, with a year-round population right around 1,600. Yet the tiny town of Manteo is packed with fun and fascinating sights for the entire family.Named for Manteo, a Croatan Native chief who befriended the early British settlers, this Roanoke Island village is steeped in

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Spotlight on Manteo: Small-Town Vibe, Big-Time Fun in the NC Outer Banks

It covers less than two square miles, with a population right around 1,500. Yet Manteo, North Carolina, is one of the liveliest spots in the entire Outer Banks.No matter when you visit, you'll find plenty to see - from the famous Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse to the vibrant downtown, busy marina,

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Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse: A Hidden Gem of the Outer Banks

Haveyou ever been to Manteo?Ifyou've visited this quaint island town in the NC Outer Banks, you may havenoticed a picturesque structure at the end of a wooden pier just east of thedowntown area. It's the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse... and it's unlike any tower-stylelighthouse you've ever seen.Tobegin...

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