How to Avoid the Traffic on Your Drive to the Outer Banks – Updated

In 2014, we released this article because summer traffic to the Outer Banks was a topic we knew could use a little insider information on how to avoid this traffic. The article was well received and many people responded with their own tips and tricks. 3 years later avoiding traffic on the drive to the Outer Banks is still a subject that is valuable to our visitors so we decided to update this article with some of the wonderful tips provided by our readers. READ MORE

Get Me To The Beach!: Memory Monday October 17, 2016.

Get Me To The Beach!

Good day from the soggy Outer Banks.   We are all still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Matthew who literally blew through a week ago on the OBX.   Many areas of the outer banks are still dealing with the effects of the significant rainfall we received last weekend (more than 10 inches of rain in a 24 hour period), which landed on top of saturated ground from heavy rains we received just a week earlier. READ MORE

How to Avoid the Traffic on Your Drive to the Outer Banks

Anyone who has driven to the Outer Banks on a Saturday knows how bad the traffic can be during peak season.  Just recently I heard a report saying the traffic was backed up 20 miles behind the Wright Memorial Bridge. READ MORE

Memory Monday 6/30/14

Land Shark?!

There’s a little bit of sadness as we write this week’s Memory Monday Photo submission entry….today is the last day of June so the days are getting progressively shorter, and one of the three months of the summer beach season is now behind us, but we still have July and August! READ MORE