How To Avoid The Traffic on Your Drive to the Outer Banks: Updated with Pro Tips

how to avoid the traffic outer banks

Back in 2014 we released a blog article on how to avoid the traffic on you drive to the Outer Banks. After seeing how many people that article helped and reading everyone’s responses and tips, we’ve decided to update it. Anyone who has driven to the Outer Banks on a Saturday knows how bad the traffic can be during peak season.  We’ve had reports saying the traffic was backed up 20 miles behind the Wright Memorial Bridge. READ MORE

Which Outer Banks Town is Best for You?

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No one has the same vision for the perfect vacation. Some may picture peace, quiet, and seclusion while others may picture plenty of activities close by. Regardless of what your ideal vacation looks like the Outer Banks has the perfect fit for everyone. READ MORE

Duck Donuts – Memory Monday 9/10/18

Duck Donuts
So while everyone seems to have their eyes peeled towards Hurricane Florence we thought we would do our part to offer some distraction on this beautiful Monday morning by doing our normal thing – giving you some great memories of our guests with Memory Monday.  Today is a good day for Duck Donuts!

Yes, that delectable treat that has become synonymous with a visit to the Outer Banks is the star of our Memory Monday photo submission contest.

Special thanks to Jason Tucker of Sellersville, Pennsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the Corolla area vacation rental “Nauti and Nice”  who shares his photo with us saying that after hearing about Duck Donuts for years he “finally made it” himself.

Jason reminds us that this very successful franchise (Duck Donuts claims to be the fastest growing donut shop in the country) which has taken off around the Outer Banks and has locations in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, and California among other locations that they also have a shop in Pennsylvania near where he lives.

We checked with the founder of Duck Donuts to confirm and indeed Duck donuts was started right here on the Outer Banks.  Amazing story.

If you have not had the pleasure of going to Duck donuts yourself and don’t know what all the fuss is about you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  There is just something about watching those little fritters being dropped into boiling grease right before your eyes, cooked while you are there, and then while the batter is freshly cooked you tell the attendant to put the toppings on while you watch.  Peanut Butter, Icing, Chocolate, Coconut, Sprinkles – you name it and they will put it on the donut for you.

Thanks Jason for sending in your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you again soon.  I’m sure Duck donuts does as well.

All the best from the beach.

Friends reunion – Memory Monday 7/23/18

Greetings from a cooler and wetter Outer Banks on this Monday morning.   We had a big rain event this past Saturday which has set the scene for a week of unsettled weather here.   Much different than what has been a very sunny and dry summer so far.  This week on Memory Monday we share photos of some friends that recently visited the OBX and shared some great weather, and great memories.

Special thanks goes to Lisa Perkins of Raleigh, North Carolina who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the Corolla vacation rental property “Daisy May” along with some of her friends.

Not just any friends, but Lisa tells us that these ladies went to college together some 23 years ago, and all got back together with their respective families in Corolla.

We start with a picture of the group many years ago, compared to a photo taken just last week at the beach!

Then there is another shot of the group together on the beach from their stay.

Finally there is a shot of all of their offspring….wow…that is a good looking group!   We wonder if they will all get back together in 23 years back here on the same beach?

Thanks Lisa for sending along your photo memories of your special gathering at one of our properties.   We know that many of our guests have very special stories every week, and we work hard to make sure you create great memories just like this whenever you are here.

These pictures make us feel really good about what we do.   Thank you again.

Keep in mind we want your photo memories.  Every Monday we post a new picture(s) sent to us by guests.  Each month we randomly choose one of those entries as our monthly winner to receive a $100 discount on your next year’s stay with us.    Send us your photos today!

All the best from the beach!

Family Time – Memory Monday 4/2/18

Family dinner, family time, family
Happy Easter Monday!  We hope you had a great Easter with your family.   What an amazing Saturday night we had here on the OBX with the Blue moon rising over the ocean and a wonderful weather day on Easter Sunday.    So many folks had wonderful Family time this weekend, and so many more are experiencing a full week of spring break this week.

We certainly enjoyed our family time in between getting all of our properties ready for the incoming crowds.  This is a big week for visitors on the Outer Banks.

That leads us to this week’s Memory Monday photo submission that comes to us from Mark Wysocki of Washington, DC who stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the Corolla Vacation Rental property “One Gram Whim.

This property is located in the Corolla Light subdivision in Corolla which is one of the premiere vacation rental communities on the Outer Banks.  A multiple time award winner for best resort community in North Carolina Corolla Light has a lot to offer its guests and residents from a shuttle service, to multiple tennis courts, to multiple swimming pools, to an indoor activities center with tennis, pool and work out area available to all guests at no extra charge.

With that said Mark sends us photos of his gang having a great time when they were in Corolla.

First of all a shot of the entire group enjoying a family dinner in the rental house.

Then Mark sends us the photo of a great game of battle ball on the beach

Finally a picture of a happy couple at the beach house after dinner that shows love on the beach!

Thanks Mark for your photos.  This is a great example of a family vacation on the Outer Banks.   It looks like you all had a good time, and we hope you will come again soon to stay with Outer Banks Blue.

All the best!


Memory Monday 3/19/18 – Sandy Memories

Greetings again from the sunny Outer Banks.  We had a remarkably warm February and evidently we are still paying the price for that as it has been much cooler than we like so far this March.    Spring is set to arrive this week so we are sure that means warmer weather will be here on a regular basis, and of course we have Easter less than two weeks away now so we all are ready for some beach time.  Speaking of beach time Sandy Zygmont recently stayed with Outer Banks Blue and shared a number of photo memories with us that we are posting today on Memory Monday.

Sandy is from Warrington, Pennsylvania and has stayed with Outer Banks Blue many times in the Corolla area in the property “Here Comes The Sun” which is at the far northern end of Corolla very close to where the paved road ends.   These pictures give some perspective about the benefits of staying there, as the beach allows for lots of space to stretch out.

First off you have fantastic sunrises in this area of the beach…

Then you have an uncrowded beach on which to discover shells and the like down by the water line….

You also have room to create your own place to stick your flag and enjoy showing your colors.

Here’s a unique photo that you won’t see anywhere else.  Here are some locals hanging out at the beach.

So the photo above is taken right at the spot where Corolla meets the N.C. State park and the wild horses of Corolla roam freely.  Several years ago these posts were put in place with the cables to help keep the wild horses north of this line for their own safety (they were roaming into Corolla and some had been hit and killed by vehicles).   The horses won’t swim out into the ocean to get around these posts so it keeps them in place in the state park area.

Finally, this vacation rental property backs up to the same state park and Ms. Zygmont sent along a picture of a sunset from the back porch of the house.

Spectacular.  Thank you Sandy for your photo memories of your most recent stay.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!


Deck Time – Memory Monday 2/19/18

Greetings from the OBX!   We hope you are looking forward to a great week as we are here at Outer Banks Blue.  OBX air temperatures are predicted to be close to 80 degrees this Wednesday.  It is a great time to get out and enjoy the weather.    Maybe put in a little deck time to get our suntans going!

Speaking of Deck time that brings us to this week’s Memory Monday photo submission contest.

Memory Monday Defined

You will no doubt remember the concept of Memory Monday.   We post a photo here every Monday from one of our guests that have submitted their photo memories of staying with Outer Banks Blue on their beach vacation.  We post one photo here each Monday.  Each month we randomly select one of our submissions from each month as our monthly “winner.”   Although we consider every photo that we post here on Memory Monday a winner!

Today’s photo submission comes to us from Rose Ann Lillo of Bayonne, New Jersey who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last August in the property “Carolina Dreamin” in Corolla.

Rose Ann tells us here entire family had a great time on their visit to Corolla.  That is evident by the smiles of this group whom we will call “the deck crew.”

We love seeing those smiles.   Judging by this picture, it looks to us like everyone had a great time.  We look forward to seeing how your next stay with us plays out.  Looks like a group of folks we would love to see grow up coming to the Outer Banks year after year!

Thanks Rose Ann for your photo submission.  We look forward to serving you again soon.

All the best from the beach.


Montage: Memory Monday July 31, 2017.

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission is a collection of a few photos because we’ve gotten so many recently quite honestly we are trying to get as many photos and stories posted that we can.   So we are calling this the Memory Monday Montage.


Our First photo submission comes to us from Maria Calvo of Fuquay Varina, North Carolina who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the Corolla area vacation rental property “A Corolla Corral.

Obviously a great time with good people!

The next photo submission we have for you on on Montage is from Angela Runko of Rockville, Maryland who stayed with us in Nags Head at the vacation rental “Sandy Too.”

Nice family shot!


Finally we share with you the photo memory shared with us by Lisa Rolfes of Franfurt, Delaware who stayed with Blue at the vacation rental property “August Rush.”

That property name seems particularly fitting since today is the last day of July!

What a fabulous sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean that Lisa caught in this photo.

We thank all of our photo submissions this week and invite you to send us your favorite photo memory of your Outer Banks Blue vacation.   We post photos here each Monday (thus the name Memory Monday), and then we randomly select one photo each month for a $100 discount on their next Outer Banks Blue vacation.   Good luck to all of our submissions this week!

All the best from the beach!

More Beach To Love: Memory Monday June 5, 2017.

Greetings from the Outer Banks on a sunny Monday morning where last week the beach nourishment operations began in Duck to create More Beach to Love.

More Beach to Love is the website that our Dare County government officials have created to keep everyone updated on the progress of a much needed, and long-awaited pumping of sand on our eroded beaches.   The project has been talked about for years, and delayed from the Spring of 2016, but it is finally here and it is happening quickly.

The project started last week in Duck where just over 2 miles of beach will be fortified, and then the project will move south to Kitty Hawk in July, and to Kill Devil Hills in August to areas that need more beach to love just as Duck.

The operation is a 24 hour per day project which has been a challenge for some on the oceanfront having to deal with heavy equipment working on the beach at night, but all agree the project is well worth the minor inconveniences that last no more than a few days at any one specific location.

Speaking of more beach to love this week’s Memory Monday photo comes to us from Aysa Cerny of New York, New York who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the property “Corolla Crush” just last week.  You can see her group had a wonderful time at the beach.

Certainly a lot to love during their stay judging by all of the smiles from the group in their picture.  Thanks for the picture Aysa, we look forward to you returning again soon.

And we will have even more beach to love when you come back!

All the best from the beach.