Breakfast on the Outer Banks: Our Top 11 Favorite Places – Updated

Breakfast on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is known for a lot of great things, one of those is fantastic breakfast spots to get your vacation days started right. There are too many great restaurants to name, and not all of them are equal, but there are some that stand out as fan favorites. Here are our top 11 breakfast places where you can get all the morning must-haves and more! READ MORE

5 OBX Sweet Treats You Must Try

OBX sweet treats

The Outer Banks is in no shortage of amazing restaurants and meal options, including desserts. Whether you’re looking for just something to grab and go or make it a family outing, you’re sure to find something to satisfy everyone in your group’s sweet tooth with one of these sweet treats. READ MORE

Duck Donuts – Memory Monday 9/10/18

Duck Donuts
So while everyone seems to have their eyes peeled towards Hurricane Florence we thought we would do our part to offer some distraction on this beautiful Monday morning by doing our normal thing – giving you some great memories of our guests with Memory Monday.  Today is a good day for Duck Donuts!

Yes, that delectable treat that has become synonymous with a visit to the Outer Banks is the star of our Memory Monday photo submission contest.

Special thanks to Jason Tucker of Sellersville, Pennsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the Corolla area vacation rental “Nauti and Nice”  who shares his photo with us saying that after hearing about Duck Donuts for years he “finally made it” himself.

Jason reminds us that this very successful franchise (Duck Donuts claims to be the fastest growing donut shop in the country) which has taken off around the Outer Banks and has locations in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, and California among other locations that they also have a shop in Pennsylvania near where he lives.

We checked with the founder of Duck Donuts to confirm and indeed Duck donuts was started right here on the Outer Banks.  Amazing story.

If you have not had the pleasure of going to Duck donuts yourself and don’t know what all the fuss is about you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  There is just something about watching those little fritters being dropped into boiling grease right before your eyes, cooked while you are there, and then while the batter is freshly cooked you tell the attendant to put the toppings on while you watch.  Peanut Butter, Icing, Chocolate, Coconut, Sprinkles – you name it and they will put it on the donut for you.

Thanks Jason for sending in your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you again soon.  I’m sure Duck donuts does as well.

All the best from the beach.

How To Have The Perfect Day in Duck, North Carolina

Town of Duck
Ready to explore Duck, NC, but not really sure where to start? While everyone has their own preferences, a perfect day can include good food, beaches, living like a local, shopping, and strolling. Here’s what we have in store for you.

Start Your Day at Duck Donuts

You haven’t had a donut until you’ve had one from Duck Donuts. Made fresh to order, these warm and soft donuts are unlike any others. That’s because each is one of a kind and made just for you. Check out the featured selections that rotate with the seasons — the menu may include tempting combinations such as maple bacon, chocolate mint, vanilla coconut, or chocolate marshmallow. Feeling creative? You can build your own by choosing any combination of icing, drizzles, and toppings.

Get Out on the Water

Now that you’re fueled with carbs, it’s time for a bit of water fun. Paddleboarding combines exercise, relaxation, and excitement. You can rent a standup paddleboard (SUP) from Nor’Banks Sailing and Watersports on Duck Road. This outfitter is located on a soft, sandy beach that is a safe location to learn to paddle. Beginners can take a 1-hour lesson in warm, shallow water while experienced paddleboarders can strike out in the waves on their own.

If you’ve always wanted to try sailing, Nor’Banks offers rentals and instruction. Rent a small Hobie Getaway for an accessible introduction to sailing, or get a 14-foot catamaran that carries up to three people. If you already have some sailing experience, Flying Scots are available to you. These speedy, 19-foot sloop-rigged monohulls hold up to six people. Nor’Banks also offers private sailing lessons in a two-person Sunfish sailing dinghy.

Want to go faster? Rent a Waverunner or sign up for a Parasailing or tubing excursion. Parasailing rigs hold three people, so kids can ride with a parent. Parasailors get to choose between three aerial vantage points that range from low to high.

Refuel With Rock & Roll Tacos

Now that you’ve worked up an appetite, head 3 minutes up the road to the Duck Deli for a casual lunch. Their famous Rock & Roll fish tacos are a delicious way to recharge after a busy morning at the beach or on the ocean. This favorite spot also offers light salads, delicious sandwiches and subs, burgers, hot dogs, barbecue, and filling seafood platters. Another Duck original you’ll want to return to again and again!

Catch Dinner

With a belly full of tacos, you might not be thinking of dinner (or maybe you call it supper), but if you plan to catch it yourself (which we highly recommend), it’s time to go crabbing and catch your dinner. High tide or low tide, crabbing is best when the water is “moving,” so about two hours before or after slack tide is just right. Crabbing is fun for the whole family, requires little gear and zero experience. You’ll need a weighted line with a hook on the end, fishing line, a package of hot dogs or chicken necks, and a fishing net.

Attach the bait securely on the hook, then gently drop it into the water until it rests on the bottom. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, or until you see your line moving, then slowly begin to raise the line. If you see a crab attached to the bait, raise the line until the crab is about 2 feet below the Surface.

Slowly lower the fishing net under the crab and scoop it up. Crabs are fast, so it helps to have one person raising the line and one person operating the net. Carefully detach the crab from the bait and put it in a cooler. If you’ve never boiled or cleaned a crab, a quick YouTube video will make you a pro in no time.

You’ll need some side dishes to go with your crab tonight, so a stop at Tommy’s Natural Foods Market & Wine Shop is in order. Tommy’s is the place to pick up ingredients or prepared side dishes, including fresh bread and rolls. If you didn’t have any luck crabbing (or took pity and set them all free), Tommy’s also has dinner to go.

Sunset Stroll on the Boardwalk

Sunset is a celebrated event every evening, and there’s no better place to take it in than the Duck boardwalk. The boardwalk is a nature trail that spans nearly a mile by and over the Sound, connecting Duck shops and restaurants and the Duck town park. Keep a watch for wildlife such as ducks, geese, songbirds, large fish near the pilings, and even dolphins. After sunset, browse the boutiques that dot the boardwalk.

Duck waterfront shops offer everything from swimsuits and T-shirts, souvenirs, home décor, and art to books and sunglasses. If you’re ready for dessert, Sunset Ice Cream and Cappuccino has dozens of flavors — and a great view while you eat.

It’s not hard to have a perfect day in Duck. Start your day at a famous donut shop and end with a beautiful sunset, and you’ll have created a day full of unforgettable memories.

Winward Vacation: Memory Monday July 10, 2017.

Greetings on this beautiful Monday from the Outer Banks.   It has been unbelievably hot here on the OBX lately, but today it is pleasant and making for a good beach day.   That brings us to this week’s Memory Monday photo submission from the Winward family vacation that occurred at one of our properties just a week ago.  As you will see the Winward family enjoyed just about everything the Outer Banks has to offer during their week.

These photos were sent to us by Pat Winward of Cape May, New Jersey who stayed with us two weeks ago in the Duck area vacation rental property “Beach House on the Moon.”

We will let Pat’s own words take it from here:

“Our family of 20 just returned from the best family vacation through Outer Banks Blue in Duck, NC. We vacation together as a family every year, but this was our first year in Duck.  We have a tradition of planning an elaborate Pirate Treasure hunt with our 9 grandchildren, and it was really special to be able to incorporate the boardwalk and the beach in the town of Duck.  The merchants were amazing and fully engaging in our Treasure Hunt.

Attached are a few of our favorite pictures of this amazing vacation. Thank you for the opportunity to submit pictures for your contest.  We look forward to seeing them posted, and hope you will select one of ours as a winner! ”

This is one of our larger properties which is perfect for a family reunion and that is just what happened with our family this week.

Lots of pictures to enjoy with this week’s submission so here you go!

Great photo memories Pat!  Thank you for sharing them with us.

Now that is a family vacation!

All the best from the beach

Getting Breakfast on the Outer Banks: Our Top 8 Favorite Places

breakfast Duck Donuts
Every day should start with a good breakfast because as we all know it is the most important meal of the day. But not all breakfast spots are equal and some stand out more than others. Here are our top 8 breakfast places where you can find all your morning favorites.

Sam & Omie’s

First on our list and longtime local favorite we have Sam and Omie’s. Located across the street from Jennette’s Pier and known for their Sunday brunch. Be sure to try the “omie”lettes or the crab and eggs benedict.


Next up we have Henry’s, family-owned and operated since 1989. Some of my favorites include their home-style hot cakes, biscuits and gravy, or their seafood omelet. Even if you are getting a late start breakfast is available until 1 PM!

Duck Donuts

Of course we had to include Duck Donuts! You cannot make a trip to the Outer Banks without stopping here! All donuts are made to order so you don’t have to get up early and rush to get them while they are hot and fresh. Whether you keep it simple with a vanilla iced donut or go all out with a maple iced donut and bacon on top you cannot go wrong!

Nags Head Pier House Restaurant

If you are wishing to enjoy your morning cup of coffee while looking over the ocean and hearing the waves crash on the beach, then Nags Head Pier House Restaurant is the place for you. You must try their pancakes or home fries, they are delicious! Also, their seafood omelette is one of the best on the beach. Come early because there is typically a wait for breakfast, especially on Sundays.

Bob’s Grill

Known for their catchy slogan “Eat and Get the Hell Out,” Bob’s Grill has one of the best (and my personal favorite) breakfast on the beach. They have a large variety of stuffed omelettes and voted best hashbrowns on the beach. My personal favorites include their French toast or their HUGE (bigger than the plate) blueberry pancakes. With breakfast served till 2 PM you do not have to rush to get there in the morning!

Grits Grill

Take a step back in time at Grills Grill, a 60’s themed diner complete with retro pink and green vinyl. Serving a southern style breakfast until 2 PM daily. Not only do they have the best and fluffiest biscuits on the beach they also have Krispy Kreme donuts! These go quickly so get there early! Also, be sure to try their biscuits and gravy or their famous “Kiss Our Grits” platter.

The Jolly Roger

Known for their pirate memorabilia, Christmas ornaments hanging from the ceiling, and of course their breakfast is The Jolly Roger. Located on the beach road in Kill Devil Hills, the Jolly Roger is another longtime local favorite. Their breakfast platters are huge and affordable and their pancakes are the size of a dinner plate! Be sure to get their home fries and toast with your meal, both are made in house and are delicious.

Lighthouse Bagels & Deli

Serving up the best breakfast in Corolla is Lighthouse Bagels & Deli. With over 15 different kinds of bagels and made-from-scratch donuts you can find something for everyone. They also offer hot off the grill breakfast sandwiches and amazing cinnabuns and scones. Get there early because they are known to sell out of bagels by late morning.

There you have it! These are our top breakfast places on the Outer Banks and ones we often recommend. With so many great places to choose from I am sure we missed other great breakfast spots.  Do you have an all-time breakfast favorite that we didn’t mention?

The Cure For Your Sweet Tooth While Visiting The Outer Banks

duck donuts
If you are anything like me you plan your vacation around where you are going to eat. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is treat myself to a little something sweet. In the Outer Banks there are many places to go to cure your sweet tooth, but here are my top 4 favorite places.

First on our list is Duck Donuts. You cannot make a trip to the Outer Banks without stopping here. Whether you keep it classic with the vanilla iced donut with rainbow sprinkles or go all out with a maple iced donut with bacon on top you cannot go wrong. All donuts are made to order so you do not have to get up early and rush to get them while they are hot and fresh. With four locations, from Corolla to Kill Devil Hills, no matter where you stay in the Outer Banks Duck Donuts is only a short drive away.

Number two on our list is a long time local favorite, John’s Drive In, whose been serving the Outer Banks since 1977. Even though there may be a wait, and the parking can be a little difficult, it is totally worth it. With a large variety of flavors to choose from you are bound to cure that milkshake craving you’ve been having all summer long. This is the perfect treat to take with you to the beach. Don’t forget to pair this tasty treat with one of their famous dolphin boats.

Newer to the area but making a big wave is a frozen yogurt shop located on the beach road in Nags Head called Surfin’ Spoon. Frozen yogurt is a yummy and healthy alternative to ice cream. Surfin’ Spoon also has at least one vegan flavor to choose from at all times. From fresh fruit to sour candies Surfin’ Spoon has toppings to cure sweet cravings. Whether you bike, walk, or drive be sure to stop in and check out Surfin’ Spoon on your next trip to the Outer Banks.

Last on our list we have Big Bucks Homemade Ice Cream. With over 50 flavors to choose from and made fresh daily they are bound to have something for everyone. Not only do they have great ice cream but they also offer fresh fruit smoothies, an espresso bar, and a large variety of candies. Do you have a special event such as an anniversary or birthday during your vacation? Don’t worry! Big Bucks has you covered with specialty ice cream cakes. Big Bucks is conventionally located in Corolla, Kitty Hawk and Manteo.

Even though there are many more places to cure your sweet tooth on the Outer Banks, these local shops are some of my personal favorites on the beach. From ice cream to candies, and fresh hot donuts, this list cures my sweet tooth every time.

Is there a place that you like to go while you are on vacation in the Outer Banks to cure your sweet tooth?

Memory Monday 3/24/14

Can I Tag Along?This week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Bernice Cockinos and Family of Kendall Park, New Jersey who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at “Gull Cottage” in Southern Shores last August.Bernice passes this peaceful photo memory of her family’s stay at the Outer Banks as they took a Wild Horse Adventure Tour north of Corolla where they came across this Spanish Mustang and the horse’s feathered friend.   What a great shot!Thanks Bernice for your photo.   We look forward to serving you and your family again soon!All the best from the beach!By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

Duck Donuts Expands to Virginia

Duck Donuts now in Williamsburg and Virginia Beach!Duck Donuts, a long popular temptation for visitors to the Outer Banks, recently expanded their operations to include locations in Virginia.A franchise of Duck Donuts opened in Williamsburg in October of 2013 at The Monticello Market Place Shoppes.  A second franchise opened in Virginia Beach in January at Kings Grant Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard.   Another location is planned for Richmond, co-owner Robin Griffith said.Duck Donuts is know for its fresh-baked cake doughnuts and an array of glazes and toppings to create a custom made treat for each customer.  Our favorite toppings include coconut, chocolate, vanilla or lemon icing, and of course -sprinkles.  It is not unusual for patrons to wait in lines that stretch out the front door of the store during the morning rush for these goodies.Out-of-town customers have begged the owners for years to open where they live, and 25 to 40 would-be franchisees each year request their own store, Griffith said.Duck Donuts, opened in 2007, is among Outer Banks Vacationers’ favorite stops each year with locations in Kitty Hawk, Corolla, Kill Devil Hills, and of course their first store which is located in Duck.We wish Robin and partner Russell DiGilio great success with the new Duck Donuts locations!All the best from the beach!

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