The Best Outer Banks Town for You – Updated

Outer Banks vacation

No one has the same vision for the perfect vacation. Some may picture peace, quiet, and seclusion while others may picture plenty of activities close by. Regardless of what your ideal vacation looks like, there is an Outer Banks town perfect for everyone. READ MORE

Dog Gallery – Memory Monday 1/28/19

Dog Gallery

Here at Everything Outer Banks we love the photos that are sent to us on a weekly basis, and this week is no different. What is different this week is we decided to look in our storage folders and give you a number of the most popular subject of our photos – your dogs. We are calling this the dog gallery. READ MORE

Which Outer Banks Town is Best for You?

Outer Banks vacation

No one has the same vision for the perfect vacation. Some may picture peace, quiet, and seclusion while others may picture plenty of activities close by. Regardless of what your ideal vacation looks like the Outer Banks has the perfect fit for everyone. READ MORE

Easy times – Memory Monday 8/27/18

Easy playing
Happy Monday!  As our local school systems in the Outer Banks area start back today we have a little bit of sadness as it means this summer is quickly coming to a close.  We look back on a fun and happy summer that created a lot of easy times for us to enjoy.  Now it is onward and upward to a wonderful fall season!

Easy times at the beach is the theme of our Memory Monday photo contest today as Nancy Moore of Rimersburg, Pennsylvania who stayed with us a couple of weeks ago in the Duck vacation rental property “The Big Easy.”

Nancy’s pictures show a relaxing and fun family getaway that was enjoyed by everyone.

Nancy says that the whole family had a fantastic vacation.   Particularly the children who are pictured here having a great time at the beach.

Nancy says one of the most favorite things they did during their recent stay was take a wild horse tour one evening.  “We loved every minute of it” according to Nancy.

Corolla Horse Tours are a favorite of many visitors to the Outer Banks.  We recommend you hiring a professional like Bob’s Wild Horse Tours to take your family up in the area where the horses roam.  It is the safest way to go, they know where to find the horses, and they have great stories to share that will enhance the experience.

We thank Nancy for sharing her photo memories and take this opportunity to remind you that every Monday we post photographic memories of an Outer Banks Blue vacationer here.   Please send along your favorite photo memories and they may just end up here.   The payoff is that each month we randomly select one of our weekly posts as a winner of our monthly contest where we give the winner $100 off their next year’s stay with Outer Banks Blue.

All the best from the beach!

Mike’s Memories – Memory Monday 8/20/18

Mike's self and son
Greetings from the Outer Banks on this beautiful Monday.  The summer is getting shorter each day, but the beach is bustling this week as many folks are enjoying all the beach has to offer.   This week on Memory Monday we share with you the Mike’s Memories who shares with us several pictures from his recent stay with Blue.

Michael Barbier of Lunenburg, Massachusets stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the Duck area vacation rental property Sea View II.   The oceanfront property gave the family a great opportunity to see all the Outer Banks has to offer.    The living room view each morning was something that they all enjoyed.

They also enjoyed an evening thunderstorm that rolled through on one of their nights at the house.

But we all know that no matter what individual attractions people enjoy on the Outer Banks the one thing that Mike’s family and everyone comes to see while they are here is our fabulous beaches!   Here’s some pictures of great memories made on the beach.  There’s this guy enjoying the sand in his toes.

And this memorable shot of two handsome young men posing for the camera.

But then the picture we like best is the one where everyone is pictured on the beach.   We are betting that this picture is on a prominent spot on someone’s wall back at home.  What a great family photo!

As there are just two weeks left between today and Labor day we encourage you to think about a last minute summer getaway.  We still have limited availability for next week at Outer Banks Blue, and the week of Labor Day has some openings as well.  Check out our specials page for any properties offering special promotional pricing too.   You can still make your family photo memories come true this summer.

Thanks Mike for sharing your photos.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach.

Rainy day fun – Memory Monday 7/30/18

Rainy day fun
Here at all things Outer Banks, we like to keep things light and positive, but this Monday we have to be honest – this last week was a tough one.   We had a lot of rain in the last 7 days, and our guests that were here last week were challenged to stay sane.   We had rain every single day over the last 9 days, and so rainy day activities were all the rage on the Outer Banks.

With that said we have to give it to all of the guests who stayed on the Outer Banks last week.   Everyone seemed to make the most of their time and enjoy each other’s company indoors even though the rainy conditions kept almost everyone off of the beach.

That brings us to this week’s Memory Monday photo submission.  It comes to us from Fay Opshinsky of Cresko, Pennsylvania who stayed with us at Outer Banks Blue at the Duck rental property “Back to Duck.”   Duck was especially hard hit with all of the rain last week with roads flooded and sidewalks under water.   Looks like it had her group at each other’s throats!

Obviously this picture was done in jest, but we know that more than a few people felt this way after about 3 days of rain!

We thank all of our wonderful guests who were with us last week and did not get as much beach time as expected, but we heard a lot of great stories about how folks enjoyed their week at the beach.   From jigsaw puzzles, to binge watching television, to reading, to playing mini golf in the rain folks did what they could to have fun on their vacation.

Here’s to hoping this week is filled with sun and fun for everyone, and that the rain that has caused so many problems with flooding in the area will recede quickly and everything and everyone can get back to normal.

All the best from the beach!

Breakout – Memory Monday 3/26/18

Corolla Wild horses breakout

Horse Breakout

We have posted many pictures here previously of the Corolla Wild Horses that roam freely north of Corolla in the Carova, Swan Beach, and N.C. State Park areas.  This week we bring you some more pictures, and we bring you a news story.   It seems there was a breakout of the horses last week and a group of them made a run for it to the lush grass yards of Corolla.

6 horses found a breach in the fence that keeps the horses penned north of the more densely developed are of Corolla.  The horses roamed the neighborhood south of the fence for several hours earlier this past week.  The fence was damaged due to recent storms which caused the issue.

The Virginian Pilot reported yesterday that last week found that “the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.” A smart stallion led his harem (Stallions typically lead a small group that stay together) through a section of the fence.   There is a fence that stretches from ocean to sound just north of Corolla to keep the horses penned.

Here’s a picture of the horses roaming near the Corolla lighthouse.

By Friday all of the horses had be corralled and transported via trailer back to their safe roaming zone north of Corolla.

We are very glad that no horses were injured in their adventure.   As the above link to the article pointed out the reason the horses are penned north of Corolla is in the 1980’s and 1990’s several of the horses were killed on the roads in Corolla area.

This news story gives us an excuse to post a guest photo that includes the Corolla wild horses.

Corolla Wild Horses

Special thanks goes to Karen Holler of Warren, Ohio who stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the Duck Vacation Rental property “Climate Change.”

We love any excuse to include the Corolla wild horses on Memory Monday and so this week’s breakout gave us an easy opportunity to include Karen’s picture.

No word as to whether this was one of the bandits that got out of the penned in area.

All the best from the beach!

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