Lighthouse looking – Memory Monday 2/12/18

Good day from the OBX!   It is a very warm, but a little wet day here at the Outer Banks today.  We had record setting temperatures yesterday (74 degrees is February!), and it really makes us look forward to the arrival of spring.  Today’s Memory Monday photo gives us a good example of two other types of weather we experience.   Lighthouse weather and hurricane weather. READ MORE

Girls Trip – Memory Monday 12/18/17

This week’s Memory Monday Photo submission reminds us that there are lots of reasons for folks to come to the Outer Banks.   Family reunions, romantic getaways, a fishing expedition, a guys trip to play golf, or in the case of this week’s picture – A Girls Trip! READ MORE

Montage: Memory Monday July 31, 2017.

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission is a collection of a few photos because we’ve gotten so many recently quite honestly we are trying to get as many photos and stories posted that we can.   So we are calling this the Memory Monday Montage. READ MORE

Wait for Me!: Memory Monday December 26, 2016.

Wait for me!

We hope you had a great Christmas yesterday and are enjoying the holiday season.  After spending this weekend with our families the Outer Banks Blue crew is back at work and getting ready for “The booking season.”  Even though Outer Banks Blue has enjoyed more early bookings for next season than ever before, January 1st marks the start of our phones and our web site really getting busy with booking inquires.   We expect 2017 to be a great year to vacation on the OBX, and we look forward to serving you and your family. READ MORE

Happy Thanksgiving!: Memory Monday November 21, 2016.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week is always a special one for us at Outer Banks Blue as not only do we welcome a great deal of guests (we have an 8 day for the price of 7 promotion that has been in place for Thanksgiving rentals for years and has proven to be a great success), but we also welcome our own families back to our homes here on the beach. READ MORE

Hot, Sizzlin’, Smokin’, En Fuego…: Memory Monday July 25, 2016.

Hot, Sizzlin’, Smokin’, En Fuego, Boiling, Sweltering, Heated

Whatever type of words you use to describe a very hot day, today is the day to evoke them here on the Outer Banks!   Heat index is expected to surpass 105 today so it is a great time to jump into the Atlantic Ocean, which by the way looks more like a lake this morning! READ MORE