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No one has the same vision for the perfect vacation. Some may picture peace, quiet, and seclusion while others may picture plenty of activities close by. Regardless of what your ideal vacation looks like the Outer Banks has the perfect fit for everyone. READ MORE

Running on the Beach – Memory Monday 1/21/19

Running on the beach

We hope you are having a good holiday Monday. It is a great time to start thinking about your summer vacation on the Outer Banks. We won’t say time is running out, but January is by far our busiest month in terms of bookings and so today is a good day to make your plans. READ MORE

Father and Son – Memory Monday 1/14/19

Father and son

Greetings from a chilly Outer Banks. The winter weather has finally arrived, and we are really missing those warm temperatures we experienced over the holidays. This week we share a Memory Monday photo of a Father and Son taking a chilly walk on the beach READ MORE

Family Reunion – Memory Monday 5/14/18

Family reunion
We hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day yesterday.  Our Mother’s hit the beach yesterday here on the Outer Banks as temperatures were in the 80’s and the sun was out and bright.   What a wonderful weekend we had.   Great to see our Mom’s and visit with our family.   We hope you were able to do the same.

Speaking of family and reunions we share with you this week on Memory Monday this photo from one of our guests from last summer.  Kristina Castillio-Gough shares this photo today of her family that gathered at the Nags Head vacation rental property “Cinco Palmas.”

This crew of 38 people made up of family members from New York, Illinois, Virginia, and Florida all gathered at this Outer Banks Blue property to celebrate Kristina’s parents’ 50th Wedding anniversary.

Cinco Palmas is one of our properties well equipped to handle this type of gathering as the property is actually made up of 3 buildings.  One large property on the oceanfront, and two smaller villas that gives more privacy to those staying away from the big house.  As you can see everyone can still come together for a group picture however when the time comes!

We thank Kristina for sharing her family reunion story and photo with us on this Monday morning, and hope to serve the family again soon.   We hope to serve your family too.   Keep in mind that Memorial Day is just 2 short weeks away and availability on summer vacation rental properties is dwindling.

Check out our specials page for some real values on select weeks.  If you have the ability to travel in June it would seem to be a good opportunity as we have several houses that are offering special promotional pricing.   Weather is typically fantastic in June, and the beaches, restaurants and shoppes are not as crowded as they can be in July and August.   Something to consider!

All the best from the beach!


Good Morning Sunshine – Memory Monday 4/23/18

Good morning sunshine
What a beautiful sunrise we enjoyed this morning.  Reminds us of the song good morning Sunshine as the bright yellow ball rose over the ocean today.  Not to be confused with the song Good morning Starshine by Oliver.  Good morning sunshine  is a silly song written and performed by by Aqua which just makes you smile.

This week’s memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Keith Bardeen of Alckwana, New York who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the Nags Head vacation rental property “All Seasons.”

This good sunrise was captured during their stay in September, but it could just as easily been captured this morning, as it looked substantially the same.

This morning’s sunrise, just as the one pictured above gave a foreboding sign however.

Weather Change Ahead

There is a famous saying in nautical circles that relates to today’s Memory Monday photo.  “Red sky at night – Sailor’s delight.  Red sky in the morning – Sailor’s take warning.”

This would qualify as a red sky in the morning and sure enough today’s weather forecast calls for cloudy skies and rain moving in later today, and all day tomorrow.   Not a great beach day on Tuesday expected on the Outer Banks.

But at least the temperatures have warmed up to consistently warm levels so folks vacationing at the beach are enjoying golf, fishing, walking the beach and all outdoor activities that one enjoys while relaxing at the beach.

We thank Keith again for his great sunrise shot this morning, and we look forward to serving him as well as you on your next stay on the Outer Banks.

All the best from the beach!

Memory Monday 3/12/18 – Beach Driving

Greetings from the Outer Banks.   We hope daylight saving time has not been too big of an adjustment for you and you are having a great Monday!   This week’s subject on Memory Monday is Beach Driving.   It has been in the news a lot here on the OBX lately, and it is also the picture we provide to you here on Mem. Mon.

First of all this week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Neil Serowsky of  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who stayed with his family at the Nags Head rental property “No Wake Zone.”

During his stay Neil and his son were able to do one of the unique things of the Outer Banks – the ability to drive your vehicle on the beach.

Neil says he had a great time driving on the beach, and he can’t wait to do it again.   It sure looks like you had a great time Neil.

Visitors to the Outer Banks are able to access driving on the beach in two main locations.   On the Cape Hatteras National Seashore you can drive your four wheel drive vehicle, but it does require a permit.   $50 will get you a 10 day beach driving pass, and $150 will get you an annual pass where you can drive on the beach from any of the many beach ramps.

The other location you can drive on the beach is north of Corolla on the Currituck County Outer Banks.   There is no fee to actually drive on the beach, but effective this past Monday (3/5/18) the Currituck County Commissioners passed an ordinance that prohibits parking on the beach without a permit.   A fee structure for these parking permits has not been established yet.

The purpose of Currituck County addressing this issue comes from the popularity of people driving on the beach north of Corolla and parking near the water line thus creating congestion on the heavily traveled area.

This issue has been discussed in several of the Currituck County Commissioner’s meetings over the last two months, and it seems like it will be discussed some more.

Also beach driving is permitted in Nags Head and in Kill Devil Hills during the off season time of the year.  A limited number of beach driving permits are available from each town.

At any rate Neil, we appreciate you forwarding your timely photo, and we look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!


Memory Monday 2/26/18 Pier Pics

Greetings from a rainy, but unseasonably warm Outer Banks!   We are counting on the groundhog being wrong about winter lasting another few weeks as yesterday we enjoyed record high temperatures, and this week we are expecting temps to be above normal every day.   Weather is always on the top of our minds here on the Outer Banks and that is the theme of this week’s Memory Monday contest submissions.   We are calling this week’s entries Pier pics.

We have several great fishing piers on the Outer Banks.   Kitty Hawk Pier, Avalon, Nags Head, Jeannettes, Outer Banks, Rodanthe and Avon Piers all dot the coast.   We don’t know about you, but we find the concept of a structure in the ocean captivating to look at.  Particularly in less than ideal weather you get some remarkable pictures of high waves and a structure absorbing the energy of those waves.

Our first picture comes to us from John and Wendy Plenzler of Xenia, Ohio who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last September in the Nags Head vacation rental property “The Nags Header.”   John and Wendy were here during the time when Hurricane Jose passed along just off the coast of North Carolina and kicked up some pretty good sized waves.   The Nags Header vacation rental property is located near the Nags Head Pier and they snapped this photo of the storm’s strong waves coming ashore.

Now keeping this image in mind, contrast the opposite side of these waves crashing into the pier with this photo that comes to us from Jolene Henry who took a picture of the same structure just two weeks before the Plenzler’s visited.

Pretty and amazing huh?    By the way, Jolene who hails from Marlton, New Jersey stayed with her family and Outer Banks Blue in the Nags Head vacation rental property “Huron Haven.”

Great shots and a great contrast to how things change on the Outer Banks in terms of weather in the same location over a relatively short amount of time.

Thanks to Jolene, Wendy and John who all shared their photo memories with us this week.  We look forward to serving you all again soon.

All the best from the beach!


Lighthouse looking – Memory Monday 2/12/18

Good day from the OBX!   It is a very warm, but a little wet day here at the Outer Banks today.  We had record setting temperatures yesterday (74 degrees is February!), and it really makes us look forward to the arrival of spring.  Today’s Memory Monday photo gives us a good example of two other types of weather we experience.   Lighthouse weather and hurricane weather.

So, this week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Dotty Chobanian of Hopewell, Virginia who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last September in the Nags Head vacation rental “Fins Up.

During her stay she had a beautiful day to go and take a look at the Currituck Beach lighthouse.   That is a great day trip by the way.  The original keepers quarters are restored and available for viewing, and the small entry fee charged to climb the light is more than worth it to get the view of a lifetime from the top.

The lighthouses along the coast of North Carolina are all marked very distinctly so that mariners that can see the lights during the day time can know by a quick look exactly where they are located.   The same thing happens at night by the way with the timing of the blinking of the light – every lighthouse has a specific interval between flashes so mariners will know at night where they are.

We have a second photo from Dotty is a picture of the waves kicking up during the passing of Hurricane Jose.  Yikes….surf’s up Dude!  It is a good thing that the storm didn’t come any closer than it did.  Those are some big waves.

Thanks Dotty for sharing your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.  We hope the weather is better next time!

All the best from the beach!

Girls Trip – Memory Monday 12/18/17

This week’s Memory Monday Photo submission reminds us that there are lots of reasons for folks to come to the Outer Banks.   Family reunions, romantic getaways, a fishing expedition, a guys trip to play golf, or in the case of this week’s picture – A Girls Trip!

Special thanks goes out today to Karen Mason of Clearfiled, Utah who stayed with Outer Banks Blue with her buds in the Nags Head vacation rental property “Lone Star” (SNH050)

Thanks Karen for this great reminder that the Outer Banks can be enjoyed year-round!

Now get off of the sand dunes!  They are hard at work catching sand and making protection for our oceanfront properties.   Not supposed to be on the dunes, but we won’t tell.

All the best from the beach.

Montage: Memory Monday July 31, 2017.

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission is a collection of a few photos because we’ve gotten so many recently quite honestly we are trying to get as many photos and stories posted that we can.   So we are calling this the Memory Monday Montage.


Our First photo submission comes to us from Maria Calvo of Fuquay Varina, North Carolina who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the Corolla area vacation rental property “A Corolla Corral.

Obviously a great time with good people!

The next photo submission we have for you on on Montage is from Angela Runko of Rockville, Maryland who stayed with us in Nags Head at the vacation rental “Sandy Too.”

Nice family shot!


Finally we share with you the photo memory shared with us by Lisa Rolfes of Franfurt, Delaware who stayed with Blue at the vacation rental property “August Rush.”

That property name seems particularly fitting since today is the last day of July!

What a fabulous sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean that Lisa caught in this photo.

We thank all of our photo submissions this week and invite you to send us your favorite photo memory of your Outer Banks Blue vacation.   We post photos here each Monday (thus the name Memory Monday), and then we randomly select one photo each month for a $100 discount on their next Outer Banks Blue vacation.   Good luck to all of our submissions this week!

All the best from the beach!

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