Holiday at the Shore – Memory Monday 1/20/2020

Dog Holiday

Greetings from The Outer Banks on this Martin Luther King Holiday. It is a crisp and cool Monday morning here and many are enjoying a break from the grind that has returned to our lives this January. READ MORE

Merry Christmas – Memory Monday 12/23/19

Merry day

We hope you are getting ready to enjoy a very merry Christmas. The Outer Banks is unusually busy this week with many folks taking a holiday on the coast this week. The local shoppes are busy today, and the weather is doing its part to make it a nice week. READ MORE

Welcome to August!: Memory Monday August 1, 2016.

Welcome to August!

It is hard to believe that today is the first day of August.   Only 5 months left in this year 2016 and only a few short weeks before kids go back to school and summer will be over before we know it.

With that said this is the best time to be at the beach!   The weather is wonderful, and the ocean is as calm as it has ever been.   The water is so clear you can see 20 feet to the bottom.  All manner of fish and life can be seen in the water.

Speaking of seeing life in the water this week we have a photo submission for our Memory Monday photo contest from David Neilson of Glen Mills, Pennsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the Corolla vacation rental property “Island Hopping.”

It looks like this image was captured at the exact right moment as David is catching a wave on his boogie board.   Wouldn’t we all enjoy that feeling right about now?!  There is nothing better than splashing around the water of the Outer Banks on a hot summer day.   Today qualifies as a hot summer day by the way!


Thanks David for your photo submission and for staying with Outer Banks Blue.  We look forward to serving you again soon.

Now let’s hit the beach!   Bring your boogie boards.

Flying High at The Wright Memorial: Memory Monday October 19, 2015.

Flying High at The Wright Memorial

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Amy Rosepiler of Marysville, Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) who stayed with Outer Banks Blue this past summer in the property “Even Steven” in Duck.

One of the most popular historical attractions for folks to visit in their time here on the Outer Banks is a visit to the Wright Brother’s National Memorial where the first powered flight took place.   Old Kill Devil Hill is still there and on top of the hill is a granite pylon marking the Wright Brother’s achievement.

Amy shares a picture of “Tommy and Isabella” who climbed all the way to the top and did their own version of flying from the monument.

The words on the pylon say “In commemoration of the conquest of air by the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright.  Conceived by genius.  Achieved by dauntless resolution and unconquerable faith.”

Thanks Amy for sharing your photo memories.  We look forward to seeing you and your junior aviators again soon!

All the best from the beach!

Storm Aftermath in Kitty Hawk (11/1/12

Storm Aftermath in Kitty Hawk (11/1/12)

Memories of Tuesday when traffic from Rt. 158 was re-routed through our parking lot to avoid a flooded roadway

Its Thursday morning here in Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks, and the rumble of heavy machinery and the beeps of those machines as they shift to reverse are constant in the area.   The N.C. Dept. of Transportation has responded to the effects of Hurricane Sandy with unprecedented manpower and machinery to clear the area of the storm.A survey of Kitty Hawk today shows more than 50 Dept. of Transportation vehicles working in various parts of the town.   From tractors with pumping mechanisms on the back to graders, to front end loaders, to dump trucks the familiar yellow vehicles are all working from sunrise to sunset to get the roads clear, repaired, and dry.

Lindberg Street in Kitty Hawk at the 4 Milepost

Between the highways in Kitty Hawk there are literally millions of gallons of seawater still in place.  As I went to check a house on the Beach Road on Wednesday afternoon in my surf fishing chest waders the water level on Lindberg Avenue was above waist level on the entire stretch of road from the 2 mile post to the 4 mile post.   Water depths exceeded 48″ in some areas I walked through.

Waist deep water between the roads in Kitty Hawk

This picture below of the Byrd Street beach access just south of the Hilton Garden Inn gives a great indication of how much sand was moved off of the beach and onto the beach road.   There is a port-a-john to the right side of the picture with sand surrounding it to the depth of 3 1/2 feet.   There is a parking lot under all of the sand that is directly in front of this photograph.

Byrd Street Access in Kitty Hawk buried under tons of sand

Here is a picture of the beach road looking south from just north of Byrd street in Kitty Hawk.   Still lots of cleanup to do, but it can’t be done until all of the water gets pumped out of this area. 

Standing to the side of what would be the beach road looking south

Unfortunately the Rundown Cafe is right in the midst of the heavily flooded area and is going to have a great deal of storm water damage from Hurricane Sandy.  As you can see by the picture below Rundown cafe is surrounded by water and some is standing inside the restaurant.Reports from Hatteras Island are that the Bonner Bridge and New Inlet Bridge will require some repair that will prevent safe use.   An emergency ferry service has been put in place between Stumpy Point and Rodanthe and is running at this time.   Residents and service vehicles are all that are permitted on the ferry today, but visitors will be welcomed on the ferry as of Friday morning.  The ferry is running from 5 AM through 9:30 PM daily and the route takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to navigate.Roads are all passable on Hatteras Island from Rodanthe to Hatteras Village.  The only problems with Rt. 12 are north of Rodanthe with breaches in the roadway just north of the village of Rodanthe, just south of the New Inlet Bridge, and of course the repairs that need to be made at the Oregon Inlet Bridge.  Department of Transportation officials reported that they expect the roadway to be closed from Oregon Inlet to Rodanthe until just before Thanksgiving.

Kitty Hawk beach looking south

The beaches on the Outer Banks are scarred, but beautiful today as the sun is shining brightly and the seas are nearly calm.   The only sign of a storm is the scraping effect the ocean had on the dunes as seen in the picture to the left.   This picture, taken at Milepost 4 on the beach looking south shows the “Pelican’s Perch” beach house sitting in the tide line now.  

Starfish are everywhere on the OBX!

Finally, one other benefit or bonus from the storm has been the epic “shelling” that is available to beach walkers over the last few days.   Thousands of starfish have washed ashore along with sand dollars, perfect conch shells and other treasures for the savvy beach walker.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath!  (10/30/12   11 AM)Hurricane Sandy has done her damage and we are all picking up the pieces literally here on the Outer Banks.The biggest impact from the storm was the unprecedented ocean overwash that occurred over 5 consecutive high tides along the oceanfront area.    Kitty Hawk and Hatteras Island were particularly affected by the tides as both areas experienced significant overwash after dunes were breached.Most roads are open this morning but the following roads remain closed this Tuesday morning:-Highway 12 on Hatteras Island remains closed at the Oregon Inlet Bridge.-Highway 12 in Kitty Hawk is closed.-US 158 is closed in Kitty Hawk in front of our office at Outer Banks Blue (4.5 milepost); however traffic is being rerouted through our parking lot and into neighborhoods on the west side of the road.Motorists are urged to use extreme caution as they drive today.  Salt water is extremely corrosive and has devastating long term impacts on vehicles.As stated above the ocean overwash in Kitty Hawk was so significant that the water actually travelled all the way across the 5 laned US 158.   The flooding was particularly severe in front of our office here in Kitty hawk and the Kitty Hawk Police actually closed the road last night due to the threat of danger to those that would attempt to drive through the water that was at least 12″ deep on the roadway.

Cars make their way through ocean overwash in front of the Outer Banks Blue Office in Kitty Hawk
New Inlet Bridge on Hatteras during Hurricane Sandy

Hatteras Island has received a major blow from the storm as Highway 12 has several areas where pavement is missing and in need of repair before the road can re-open.   A portion of guard rail is missing from the Oregon Inlet Bridge making the bridge unsafe for passage.  There is a section of roadway just south of the New Inlet Bridge that is missing.  There is a breach in the roadway just north of Rodanthe, and there is a breach in the road just east of the village of Hatteras.   There are also power outages around Hatteras, and telephone and Internet is down on the island due to a fiber optic cable being cut in the Rodanthe area.The Dare County Emergency management group reports that a ferry is expected to begin making runs between Stumpy Point and Rodanthe so that supplies and residents can get on and off of the island.Meanwhile we continue to receive many interesting pictures from friends who witnessed the storm in their own way.   This was truly a tremendous photographic event!Cars being rerouted through Outer Banks Blue’s Parking lot this morning

Rt. 158 is being routed through our parking lot this morning READ MORE

Hurricane Sandy Update #3  (10/28/12  12 PM)

The storm known as “Sandy” is now a hurricane once again on Sunday morning, and her full effects are being seen here on the Outer Banks today!Strong wind (sustained at 35 MPH and gusting to 48) are being felt at our office here in Kitty Hawk.  Rain bands are coming in off of the ocean bringing heavy rains along the Outer Banks.  There has been ocean overwash in the Kitty Hawk area and on Hatteras Island, and flooding is being experienced all around the Outer Banks from the constant rain that started on Friday morning.

Outer Banks Blue Sign “Blown Away” by Sandy

We here at Outer Banks Blue have learned a valuable lesson today….never taunt a Hurricane!   We posted a note on our Marquee for Hurricane Sandy to “blow away.”  Well our roadside sign was a victim of the heavy winds along the Outer Banks this morning as a heavy gust knocked out one of the panels of the sign.  Not nice Sandy!On a more serious note.  Highway 12 has been closed just south of the Oregon Inlet Bridge due to ocean overwash and sand build up on the roadway.   Just south of the “New Inlet” bridge is also experiencing some ocean overwash, but the bridge is still in place and operating as designed..

New Inlet Bridge Standing Strong on Sunday Morning
Jeannette’s Pier Battling Hurricane Sandy

Take a look at these two photos posted this morning which is a picture of the new Jeannette’s Pier in Nags Head.    The first picture gives you a feel for the huge waves (Waves are being reported as high as 15 feet as they roll into the shore), and the 2nd picture is a picture taken from the parking lot of the pier looking east towards the pier (note the ocean in the background) and take a look at the collection of the Sea Foam that has collected on the pier from the wind whipped waves!   The man on the left is walking down a ramp from the pier, and you can see the 2nd ramp on the right hand side.   There is a chasm between the two walkways that is completely filled with sea foam.  The white line you see just to the right of the man in the yellow raincoat is actually a railing on the walkway completely covered in sea foam!

This is what we call Sea Foam…Wow!

Meanwhile, Outer Banks Blue is open as usual with normal office hours today and many businesses in the area are operating normally as well.  We have even taken several reservations for 2013 vacations today!  We are staying indoors as much as possible, and looking forward to Sandy’s effects passing us by over the next 24 hours.    All roads and bridges remain open and passable on the Northern Outer Banks even though travel is not recommended today by transportation officials.The latest forecast calls for our current conditions to be felt for the next 18 to 24 hours before the storm moves north of our area.  Forecast tracks still call for the storm to take a left turn on Monday evening and the storm is predicted to make landfall in the Delaware area.Check here for more pictures and updates as conditions warrant!All the best from the beach!

Vote NO for Hurricane Sandy!

 On the Outer Banks, we have had our share of storms of all kinds. We all hope that “Hurricane Sandy” keeps her peace in the ocean and blows out to sea. For those of you concerned, the Outer Banks has dealt with many different types of storms in the past all throughout the years. The locals & business owners are voting NO for Hurricane Sandy, in hopes that the wind & rain is all that we see. We also hope that Sandy leaves the coastal areas quickly & safely. We have our vacationers residing or visiting the North in mind, and wish the same for those coastal areas. Stay informed and stay safe, and Outer Banks Blue will be here 7 days a week to better serve you.  Greetings from the beach!

Donut 5K Run in the Outer Banks

Do eating & running go together on the Outer Banks? Have you ever heard of “eating on the run”?  This running event takes that to another extreme!  The Donut 5K in Corolla this Friday is going to be something else! In the 5K Donut Dash, you will have a chance to run or walk the 5K eating donuts along the way! For every donut you eat, you will have time subtracted from your time. There are prizes for overall “King Donut” for the most donuts eaten by a male & “Queen Donut” for the most donuts eaten by a female! This is quite the event, stay tuned & Michelle Elmore will take you there on Friday morning with photos & video to follow on our Facebook page!=&1=&

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