Holiday at the Shore – Memory Monday 1/20/2020

Dog Holiday

Greetings from The Outer Banks on this Martin Luther King Holiday. It is a crisp and cool Monday morning here and many are enjoying a break from the grind that has returned to our lives this January. READ MORE

Kitty Hawk Sunrise: Memory Monday June 19, 2017.

We hope everyone had a great Father’s day yesterday.  It sure was a hot one here on the Outer Banks with temps in the high 80’s and the humidity right there too.  A great day usually starts with a great sunrise, and this week we have a Kitty Hawk sunrise for you.

There’s a saying that says “red sky at night = sailor’s delight.  red sky in the morning = sailor’s warning.”    Well you can tell by this snapshot provided to us by Donald Morris of Watervliet, New York that a storm was on the way if that saying holds true.

Indeed the saying did hold true as one day after this photo was taken a nor’easter came in and the weather did go south the very next day.

Donald and his family stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the vacation rental property “Sea Spray” in Kitty Hawk.  In fact this picture was taken from the deck of Sea Spray.  Pretty good view huh?

Well the weather looks nothing like that this week.  The waves are calm, the wind is calm and the temperatures are hot this week on the Outer Banks.   If you are already here you know it will be a great week.  If you are coming later in the summer we look forward to seeing you then and having some great weather for you too!

All the best from the beach!

March Madness: Memory Monday March 13, 2017.

March Madness…

So have you been feeling the symptoms of March Madness?  It started for several of our staff members around here last night with the announcement of the teams selected to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, and we believe work production will be diminished around here at Outer Banks Blue starting this Thursday as everyone starts watching their brackets and cheering for teams they have never pulled for before.

A different kind of March Madness has been going on around the Outer Banks over the last few weeks with the weather going from the 70’s one day to the 30’s the next.  Unfortunately this morning we are experiencing temps closer to 30 than 70, but we are sure it will turn around before the week is over.

Today’s Memory Monday photo submission reminds us of why the spring is a great time to come to the Outer Banks.   Here’s a shot provided to us by Steph Reimert, of West Lawn, Pennsylvania.

Steph and her family stayed in the Kitty Hawk vacation rental property “Bama Breeze” and when they went to the beach they posed for this picture from one of the public beach access areas in Kitty Hawk.   Note the uncrowded beach behind them from their perch.


Thanks Steph for sharing your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

The Steps to A Great Vacation: Memory Monday March 6, 2017.

The Steps to A Great Vacation

Good Monday morning from the Outer Banks!   We start our Monday as we always do with a photo memory of one of our guests from their stay with Outer Banks Blue.

Today our Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Alicia Gaffney of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio who stayed with Blue at the  Corolla vacation rental house “No Place Like Home.

We get a number of photos just like this that really warms our hearts with family members being photographed on the front steps of the rental property that was enjoyed.   It makes us feel like a good time and great memories were made by everyone that stayed with us.

Many thanks to Alicia and her family for staying with Blue, and for sharing your photo memories on this beautiful Monday.

Enjoy everyone.   Make today a great day!

All the best from the beach!

Rainbow Warriors: Memory Monday january 30, 2017.

Rainbow warriors

Happy Monday!  We hope you are enjoying your day, and we thank you for dropping by our photo walk down memory lane today from Outer Banks Blue.

Today’s photo memory comes to use from Catherine Campbell of Charlottesville, Virginia who stayed with Blue last summer in the Duck rental property Ponducky.

This picture captures Cathy and Matt in front of the house with a beautiful rainbow behind them.   The things dreams are made of!

Thanks Cathy for sharing your photo memory with us.  We look forward to serving you and the rest of your crew this summer!

All the best from the beach!

Polar Plunge: Memory Monday January 16, 2017.

Polar Plunge

Greetings from the Outer Banks in January!   On this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday the Outer Banks aren’t exactly the summer hot spot that it will be in a few months as we are feeling temperatures in the 40’s and we have overcast, cloudy conditions with a little rain coming through early this morning.

Not exactly a great beach day, but a great day to book your 2017 beach vacation! Our operators are on duty 24 hours a day, and our bookings have been, excuse the expression, brisk so far this year!

With that said however we give a tip of the hat today to Chris Brown and his crew of Salem, Ohio who stayed with Outer Banks Blue over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday and found time to at least snap a photo that looked like they were all ready to jump in the ocean even with temps then very similar to what they are today.

Talk about a polar plunge!  With water temps hovering in the 50 degree range that is one cool dip that will wake you up in a hurry!

Chris and his crew stayed in Kill Devil Hills in the vacation rental “Always Sunny” which is one of the few properties in the area with an indoor pool.   Now that is more of our speed at this time of the year.  A nice 75 degree water temperature sounds pretty good right now

Thanks for your photo Memory Chris. We look forward to serving you and your hearty friends again soon.

All the best from the beach!


Happy Monday: Memory Monday October 24, 2016.

Happy Monday!

Greetings from the beautiful Outer Banks on this next to last Monday in October! It is Monday and that is our favorite day of the week because we get to share with you our Memory Monday photos that have been sent to us by guests who have enjoyed a recent stay on the banks.

Today’s Memory Monday submission comes to us from Kristen Buccigrossi of Lower Burrell, Pennnsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue recently in Duck in the vacation rental property “Pelican’s Reef.”


Here’s a couple of memorable shots from Kristen’s vacay:
Nothing like a great sunset shot from the sound side boardwalk in Duck, unless it is a great shot of your best friend having a good time on the beach!

Thanks Kristen for sharing your photo memories of your recent stay.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!


Tropical Storm Hermine Advisory #3

Wind has arrived (5:00 AM  9/3/16)

Tropical Storm Hermine’s full effects are being felt along the Outer Banks early this morning with heavy winds, lots of rain, and road flooding being experienced at this time.


(Rt. 158 in Kitty Hawk flooded early this morning)

At 5:00 AM the center of circulation of Tropical Storm Hermine was located approximately 55 miles North of Cape Lookout, North Carolina and headed towards the East-Northeast at 21 Miles Per hour.   At this time sustained winds in the storm are topping at 60 MPH, with gusts higher in isolated areas.   The latest track of the storm will have the center of circulation pass over the Outer Banks mid-day today.  Weather conditions are expected to continue to be very poor through the end of Saturday with constant rain, heavy winds, and flooded roads being the norm for today.

Conditions on the Outer Banks have worsened overnight with rainfall amounts totaling more than 6 inches over the last 12 hours.   Many roads in the area are flooded early this morning including parts of Highway 12 in Southern Shores and Duck, as well as US 158 in Kitty Hawk.   Several vehicle accidents have been reported already this morning.  Police are on the scene of flooded roadways and directing traffic around the most heavily flooded areas.  Wind has increased significantly overnight with a current wind from the East Southeast in excess of 30 MPH.  This has caused many trash cans to be overturned, and loose debris from houses being blown around.

Check out our webcam that is mounted on the back of our property “Shades of Blue” in Kill Devil Hills to get a view of current beach conditions

If you are a guest travelling to the Outer Banks for check in today extreme caution and patience is encouraged on your journey.  Expect longer than normal travel times and some significant delays due to weather conditions affecting travel.   Many arriving guests are deciding to delay their arrival until Sunday morning which is advisable due to the fact weather conditions will be very poor all day on Saturday on the Outer Banks.

If you are a guest staying with Outer Banks Blue we request that you secure all deck furniture and loose items around the house.  Please advise the office if you decide to depart early.

There is no mandatory evacuation order in place for Dare or Currituck counties nor is any expected to be issued.

Outer Banks Blue is open for business as usual today and will pass along weather updates as they are available.


Hanging in the Hot Tub: Memory Monday May 2, 2016.

Hanging in the Hot Tub

Special thanks this week to Heather Behrens of Wallingford, Pennsylvania who provides us this week’s Memory Monday photo submission.

Heather and her hot tub partner enjoyed the vacation rental property “Wine N Sea” in Duck with Outer Banks Blue Realty Services.

“Wine N Sea” is one of our most popular properties because not only does it have a great hot tub, but it is close to the beach, has a private pool, is in a gated community in the town of Duck, and it a well equipped 8 bedroom property.   There are some select weeks still open for 2016 on this property, and the booking calendar for 2017 is already open and available for anyone wanting to get a family get away set for next year!

We are glad Heather and her sidekick had such a great time and sent us their photo memories of their stay with us, and we look forward to serving you all again soon.

All the best from the beach!


Buried Treasure: Memory Monday March 14, 2016.

Buried Treasure

Special thanks to Jenn Rice of Lancaster, Pennsylvania who is in this week’s spotlight as our Memory Monday photo submitter.  Jenn and her family stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the Duck vacation rental property Carpe Duckem and she submits this photo memory of their stay last July.

Thanks for sharing your photo memories Jenn.  We look forward to sharing more memories with your family this summer!

All the best from the beach!

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