Hurricane Florence Advisory #4 9/13/18 10:00 AM

Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Warning,, Storm Surge Warning, State of Emergency, Mandatory Evacuation, Flash Flood Watch in Place for the Outer Banks.

On Thursday morning Hurricane Florence was still some 200 miles from the southeast coast of North Carolina, but effects of the storm were being felt all along the Outer Banks.


Rain bands are beginning to affect the northern beaches of the Outer Banks, waves and tides are running higher than normal at this time.  Wind is strong and steady and making uncomfortable conditions.   Steady and heavy rain is predicted to affect our area through Friday as will windy conditions.


A Hurricane Warning, Storm Surge Warning, A State of Emergency, and a Mandatory Evacuation continue to be in place as of this morning.  A Flash Flood watch is also now in place.


As of 8:30 this morning the Bridges that provide access to the Outer Banks have closed access to anyone other than essential personnel with a specific pass issued by one of the local emergency control groups.


Our focus now turns to the guests that are scheduled to arrive on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week.   If the projected path of the storm is accurate it would appear that the impacts on our area may be less than originally expected and we may be able to get back to normal business by the first of next week.

We expect the mandatory evacuation to remain in effect for the next few days.  Arriving guests should not plan on coming to the Outer Banks until you hear from Outer Banks Blue directly advising that the evacuation order has been lifted, and that your specific property is ready for your arrival.

Arriving guests should keep in mind that gas supplies are extremely limited, basic needs provided through local stores are unavailable at this time (Bread, water, ice, milk, eggs, etc.), and conditions are not conducive to a relaxing vacation at this time.   In addition all of our properties have been prepped for the storm so pools are turned off, outdoor furniture is stacked inside houses, items are tied down, and many of our houses are boarded.   Please give us the opportunity to prepare for your arrival before coming to the beach!

Your patience is appreciated as we work though this process.  Many of our employees have evacuated the area which limits our ability to provide the services that our owners and guests have come to expect.

Our office is planning on being open at least part of the day on Thursday.

We will provide another update on Friday morning by 9:00 AM (Weather Permitting)

Hurricane Advisory #3 9/12/18 9:00 AM

Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence Update #3

9/12/18   9:00 AM

Hurricane Warning, State of Emergency, and Mandatory Evacuation in Effect

The Mandatory Evacuation order continues to be in effect for the Entire Outer Banks and now a Hurricane Warning is in effect for areas south of Duck.  A Tropical Storm warning is in effect for areas north of Duck.   This means the winds and effects of that level of a storm are likely to be in place within 48 hours. READ MORE

Hurricane Florence Advisory #2

Florence track
Mandatory Evacuation Order In Place

As of 7:00 AM today a state of emergency and a mandatory evacuation are in effect for the entire Outer Banks.   The Currituck County and Dare County Control groups have issued a directive to all visitors and residents to evacuate the Outer Banks effective 7:00 AM today in advance of the approach and landfall of Hurricane Florence.  Hatteras Island visitors were requested to leave beginning at noon yesterday

All Properties managed by Outer Banks Blue are affected by this order.  

All guests in residence were contacted yesterday and advised of the requirement to leave and not plan on returning.  All guests that still remain in properties will be followed up with this morning.   Guests that are expected to arrive this weekend are advised not to come until they hear from us directly about travel conditions and any property damage. 

Florence continues to be a very powerful hurricane and is expected to be the strongest Hurricane to ever hit the coast of North Carolina.  While the majority of forecast tracks predict the storm will make landfall on the southern coast of North Carolina, the storm is still more than 1000 miles away and even a slight change of direction over the next two days could bring the storm over our area. READ MORE

Beach Vacation in Corolla Times 2: Memory Monday July 27, 2014.

Beach Vacation in Corolla times 2We again have so many entries for our Memory Monday photo submission contest that we are bringing you two again this Monday.This week’s First Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Daniel Werner of Rutledge, Pennsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the property “B’s Dream” in Corolla.   Daniel shares with us three photos.

Nothing like an Outer Banks Sunrise
Kayaking in the ocean (take a look at the next wave!).
Nothing beats the solitude of the Currituck light in the evening

Daniel says “Nothing like an Outer Banks Blue Vacation!”   Thanks Daniel for sharing.Also this week we have for you the photo shared with us by Jenn Eustace of Oaklyn, New Jersey who stayed with Outer Banks Blue about a month ago in the property “Even Steven” in Duck.   Jenn and her crew went on a kayaking adventure while here on the Outer Banks which just goes to show the great variety of activities available to all vacationers here on the beach!

Let’s go Kayaking!

Thanks Jenn for sharing your photo memories of your recent trip to the OBX!All the best from the beach!By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

Hurricane Arthur Advisory #2

Hurricane Arthur Advisory #2  (7:00 AM 7/3/14)Tropical Storm Arthur has become a hurricane as of this morning.   The Outer Banks is under a state of emergency and a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for Hatteras Island effective at 5:00 AM this morning.   The only condition of the state of emergency is the evacuation of Hatteras Island.A hurricane warning remains in effect for the remainder of the Outer Banks including all of the areas where Outer Banks Blue Realty has rental properties.Hatteras Island is to the south of Outer Banks Blue’s property locations and no evacuation order is expected to affect any of Blue’s rental property inventory.Hurricane Arthur continues to travel along the expected track which will take the eye of the storm very close to Hatteras Island before moving out to sea to the north and east.  It is not expected that any north beach locations will have a mandatory evacuation ordered at this time.Guests currently staying with us should expect heavy rain and strong winds over the next 24 hours with conditions improving rapidly on Friday as the storm pulls away from the Outer Banks.Guests expecting to arrive this weekend should continue with their travel plans as normal.  Outer Banks Blue expects to be open for business as usual.By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

Memory Monday Submission 12/3/12Hot tub fun!This week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Bob Evers of Horseheads, New York who stayed with Outer Banks Blue this past August in the property “Cara-Lina” in the Ocean Hill subdivision of Corolla.  Bob shares this cute photo of his grandkids enjoying the hot tub.Smile or thumbs up (or both) if you are having a good time!

Bob tells us that the kids have been coming to the Outer Banks all of their lives!  “We started coming to the OBX in the early 90s – just my wife and three kids back then.  Spouses and grandchildren followed so the party has grown year by year.  While we do all the typical things folks do in Duck and Corolla: Lighthouse climbing, Ponies, etc. most of our week is spent around the pool or at the beach enjoying the family.”Sounds like a perfect Outer Banks vacation to us!Thanks for the Memories Bob!All the best from the beach!

Hurricane Sandy Advisory #1 from O.B. Blue

Hurricane Sandy Advisory (10/26/12 4:00 PM)Lots of folks are thinking about Hurricane Sandy this weekend.   The residents and visitors of the Outer Banks are no different.   The farthest reaches of Hurricane Sandy are now beginning to affect the Outer Banks this afternoon as light rain and a slight Southeast breeze has changed our recent beautiful sunny and clear weather pattern.The mid day update on Hurricane Sandy shows that the storm continues to move as predicted which would take the center of the storm some 200 miles off of the coast of North Carolina. At this time the effects on the Outer Banks this weekend are predicted to be moderate with heavy rain (possibly in excess of 5 inches in places), winds up to 45 MPH, and some tidal flooding especially during the full moon of Sunday night. Of particular concern are low lying areas of Highway 12 in Kitty Hawk, and near the New Inlet Bridge on Hatteras Island. The eye of the storm is expected to pass the Outer Banks overnight Sunday night and into Monday morning.

Projected path of Hurricane Sandy

The local emergency management group has just revealed that at this time there are no plans for evacuation of any areas of Dare County in advance of the storm.   It will be business as usual for us on the Outer Banks. The storm is expected to make landfall on Monday at some point some 200 or more miles north of the Outer Banks. If you have a scheduled arrival at one of our rental properties this weekend, please plan on checking into the property as normal.   All roads and bridges are expected to be open and passable throughout the storm.  We will be here and be sure your accommodation is ready for your arrival.Outer Banks Blue maintenance and management staff will be busy all weekend ensuring that properties are in good shape and secure from the approaching storm.  If you have any questions please call our main office at 888-727-3102.  We have operators on duty 24 hours a day.We will continue to update this page on a regular basis as we get updates from our local emergency management team, but no significant changes are expected in the forecast for the Outer Banks.All the best from the beach!

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