Rainy Day Fun in the Outer Banks

Rainy Day Fun in the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is famous for blue skies and bright golden sun. Yet, every once in a while, storm clouds do gather, and rain comes pouring down. When that happens, don’t worry. You and your family can still have a blast with kid-pleasing indoor activities. In fact, the occasional rainy day gives you a great chance to see the OBX from a fresh new angle. Check out rainy day options like these, all child-safe and family-approved. READ MORE

Rainy day fun – Memory Monday 7/30/18

Rainy day fun
Here at all things Outer Banks, we like to keep things light and positive, but this Monday we have to be honest – this last week was a tough one.   We had a lot of rain in the last 7 days, and our guests that were here last week were challenged to stay sane.   We had rain every single day over the last 9 days, and so rainy day activities were all the rage on the Outer Banks.

With that said we have to give it to all of the guests who stayed on the Outer Banks last week.   Everyone seemed to make the most of their time and enjoy each other’s company indoors even though the rainy conditions kept almost everyone off of the beach.

That brings us to this week’s Memory Monday photo submission.  It comes to us from Fay Opshinsky of Cresko, Pennsylvania who stayed with us at Outer Banks Blue at the Duck rental property “Back to Duck.”   Duck was especially hard hit with all of the rain last week with roads flooded and sidewalks under water.   Looks like it had her group at each other’s throats!

Obviously this picture was done in jest, but we know that more than a few people felt this way after about 3 days of rain!

We thank all of our wonderful guests who were with us last week and did not get as much beach time as expected, but we heard a lot of great stories about how folks enjoyed their week at the beach.   From jigsaw puzzles, to binge watching television, to reading, to playing mini golf in the rain folks did what they could to have fun on their vacation.

Here’s to hoping this week is filled with sun and fun for everyone, and that the rain that has caused so many problems with flooding in the area will recede quickly and everything and everyone can get back to normal.

All the best from the beach!

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While many families love the steadfastness long-time holiday customs bring, others look for new opportunities to start traditions of their own that will last for generations. Spending the holidays in the Outer Banks of North Carolina is one way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the season and create a season that is uniquely your own. Come find out why the locals of this area love adding an oceanside twist to common holiday practices and how you can join in all the fun!

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The Outer Banks is known for its miles of beautiful ocean scenery, which makes taking a drive on Highway 12 the perfect way to explore the area. It’s not Route 66 … it’s better! Route 12 links the peninsulas and islands of the northern Outer Banks. A National Scenic Byway, Route 12 will take you to (or near) the Buxton Woods Coastal Reserve, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and Bodie Island Lighthouse, and point you in the direction of Corolla. There is plenty to see and do, specifically during the holidays when special events and seasonal festivals abound.

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Family Time: Memory Monday September 8, 2014.

Family TimeThis week’s Memory Monday Photo Submission comes to you on a rainy Monday here on the Outer Banks, but these photos remind that there is more to do on the OBX than just sit on the beach.Thanks to Dawn Hawkins of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania who stayed with Blue at the property “High Tide.”Nothing like a game of cards with a beautiful view….One of the other things we love about the Outer Banks is how people mark special events with a trip to the beach.   Dawn shares with us this photo of her sister and husband who shared their 28th anniversary during their vacation.   Congratulations!

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks Dawn for sharing your photo memories!All the best from the beach!By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

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