The Best Outer Banks Town for You – Updated

Outer Banks vacation

No one has the same vision for the perfect vacation. Some may picture peace, quiet, and seclusion while others may picture plenty of activities close by. Regardless of what your ideal vacation looks like, there is an Outer Banks town perfect for everyone. READ MORE

The Flamingo Ladies – Memory Monday 4/8/19

Flamingo ladies

Greetings from the Outer Banks on this glorious Monday morning. Temperatures are in the 70’s today with overnight lows just getting into the 60’s. Yes, spring is definitely in full swing and we are loving it. The weather makes us look forward to the start of pool season, and of course hanging out with our inflatable flamingo floats. READ MORE

Which Outer Banks Town is Best for You?

Outer Banks vacation

No one has the same vision for the perfect vacation. Some may picture peace, quiet, and seclusion while others may picture plenty of activities close by. Regardless of what your ideal vacation looks like the Outer Banks has the perfect fit for everyone. READ MORE

Family Time – Memory Monday 9/17/18

Family Picture
Good morning from a beautiful and for the most part back to normal Outer Banks.   They last week has been quite a week with Hurricane Florence disrupting everything in the area.  Family vacations were interrupted, the area was evacuated, we watched with anxiousness, and are now trying to get back to our regular schedules now that the storm has passed.

Yesterday our valued guests were allowed back on the Outer Banks and they were a welcome sight!

Another welcome sight is the sun.   This morning’s sunrise is the first we have seen of clear skies since last Wednesday when clouds from Florence shrouded the area.   Things truly seem to be getting back to normal today.

For this week’s Memory Monday we are titling the photo Family Time, which is what folks enjoy so much of while here on vacation.  This photo comes to us from Cecily Beben of Madison, Virginia who stayed with Outer Banks Blue two weeks ago at the Southern Shores vacation rental “Relax-N-Joy.”

We like this photo of the family on the beach at the end of the day.   Everyone seems very relaxed and happy after a full day of beach fun.

Speaking of fun at the beach here’s another shot from Cecily of “Boogie Board Baby” who looks like he is getting ready to take his board and hit the waves.  We love it!

Thanks Cecily for sharing your photo memories.   We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.  It looks like you had a great time.

Speaking of photo memories, don’t forget to send your photo memories to us.  We publish photos here each Monday, and then each month we randomly select one of our weekly entrants to receive a $100 discount towards next year’s vacation.  You could be next!

All the best from the beach.

Beautiful family – Memory Monday 6/11/18

Beautiful family
Greetings from another glorious morning here on the Outer Banks.    As I write this temperatures are perfect, the sun is rising over the ocean, and it is a great time to be on the Outer Banks.   Things are simply beautiful.

Beautiful is the word of the day as on this week’s Memory Monday photo submission we send out thanks to Annette Zerbe of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue just last week in the Southern Shores vacation rental property “Breaking Winds.”

At some point during the week Annette got the whole group together on the beach and snapped this shot of her family.

We have seen many family shots taken on the beach, but this is one of the best staged shots ever.  Note the color coordination of the outfits, the calm seas in the background, and of course the perfect lighting.   Well done Annette!

It looks like this group had a great stay, and this is as good a time as any to remind you that there is still time to think about an upcoming stay this summer.  We still have some availability between now and Labor Day for you and your family to have a great getaway.   Our beaches are equally as beautiful as this week’s Memory Monday photo, and our properties do not fall short.

In fact, in passing along her photo to us Annette said “Thank you for being a great vacation rental company.   You make everything so easy!”

Well there you go.  Thank you Annette.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

Family Fun on OBX: Memory Monday April 3, 2017.

Good Monday Morning!   It is a beautiful day here on the Outer Banks and we have several spring break families with us enjoying the warm temperatures and activities around the area.   It is still a little cool to jump in the ocean for our tastes, but still a lot of Family Fun to be had in the area. READ MORE

Glorious Sunset: Memory Monday February 27, 2017.

Glorious Sunset

Happy Monday everyone!   It is getting to be a happy version of a broken record as we greet you on a beautiful Monday here from the Outer Banks.   This past week was unbelievably good with regard to the weather with temps this past Saturday reaching the mid-70’s….in February!

Today and this week look like a repeat, with temps already reaching into the 60’s this morning, and this coming Wednesday we could see a high temp of 80 degrees!   What a great time to be at the beach!   Restaurants are open, beaches are uncrowded, and the folks staying here for a winter respite this week are understanding why the first settlers in this area called this “the goodliest land.”

This brings us to another Memory Monday photo which is a panorama photo of a sunset from the Duck Boardwalk.

We are amazed each week at how good the photography is from some of our guests that provide us photos for our weekly Memory Monday photo submission contest.  This one is no different.   Special thanks goes to Joseph Thompson of Glen Burnie, Maryland who says he was using the panorama feature on his cell phone for the first time when he captured this shot.

Joeseph and his family stayed with Blue in the vacation rental property “Inn Jeopardy” in Southern Shores.  He says they had a great time and will be back again soon.    How about this week Joe?

We look forward to serving you all again soon.

All the best from the beach!

Wedding on the Beach: Memory Monday December 19, 2016.

Wedding on the beach.

Well the weather today is not too great for a wedding on the beach with winds blowing 20 MPH plus out of the northeast and temps in the 40’s, but the Outer Banks has become a top wedding destination over the last few years.

Today we share some photo memories of a wedding that took place last summer on the beach in Kitty Hawk.

These photos came to us from Terry Nichols of Virginia Beach, Virginia whom we thank for sharing these great memories.  Terry and family stayed at the vacation rental property “Rum Runner” with Outer Banks Blue.

So, is it just us, or does the escort of the bride look exactly like Richard Gere?  Very cool!

We hope you have a great week.

All the best from the beach!

OBX Memories: Memory Monday September 19, 2016.

OBX Memories

The mission of us here at “Memory Monday” is to share photographic memories of our rental guests at Outer Banks Blue.   Every Monday we post pictures provided to us by our valued guests, and today we thank Krystle Danik of Sarver, Pennsylvania who stayed with Blue at the Vacation Rental property “Summer Place” in Southern Shores.

Krystle gives us several snap shots to start our Monday which are great memories for her and her family.

Krystle tells us her family’s favorite memory was “waking up to the beautiful sunrise over the ocean.  Visiting the historic sites, going fishing, and just enjoying family time.  We had a beautiful vacation in September.  We will be back next year for sure”

Thanks Krystle for sharing your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon!

All the best from the beach!

Two Memory Monday Photos: Memory Monday August 15, 2016.

Two Memory Monday Photos

This week on Memory Monday we are starting the process of clearing out the attic stored with so many of your photo memories.    We are so happy to get scores of photos from you each month here at Outer Banks Blue, and we apologize that we can’t get them all posted, but this week we will start looking deep into our archives and, starting today, we will post two photo memories each week!

Thanks for your patience goes to Karen Caywood, of Louisville, Ohio, who passed along this photo of she and her family reunion that too place at two of our vacation rental properties in Southern Shores.   “Caribbean Breeze” and “Green Iguana” was the site of the family gathering that had 43 people in all to celebrate a week together.  Among the group was her 83 year old parents, all of their children, grand children, and great-grandchildren!

Thanks Karen for sharing your photo memories.


Also this week we thank Jennifer Horn of Mount Airy, Maryland who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last month in the property “Sandy Claws” in Corolla.  Jennifer also shares with us a group photo of her vacationing crowd that will bring many years of great memories to her and her family.


Thank you again Karen and Jennifer for sharing your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you and your families once again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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