Another 2 Fer Monday: Memory Monday July 14, 2014.

Another 2 Fer MondayThis Monday we again share two different Memory Monday Photo Submissions since we have so many guests sending us photo memories of their stays with Outer Banks Blue.The first photo this week comes to us from Cindy Aiello of New Lexington, Ohio who stayed with us at Outer Banks Blue at the vacation rental property “Crab’s Day Off” in Corolla Light.She calls this photo “On Top of The World in Corolla.”

Look at this view!

Thanks Cindy for sharing your photo!The second Memory Monday Photo Submission we have this week comes to us from Sandy Cooke of Farmville, VA (The home of Hampden-Sydney College!) who sends us this breathtaking photo of a sunset on the water in Duck.   Sandy stayed with us at Outer Banks Blue at the property “Bella Sound” which is right on the water in Duck.

Peaceful Duck Sunset

Thank you Sandy for your photo memories!All the best from the beach!By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

First Flight Adventure Park

Most people come to the Outer Banks for the sand, surf, and sun, but we have a new business venture that opened up just recently in Nags Head that I think is a great family fun adventure that offers a little more adrenaline than your typical putt putt or go-carts can offer.The other day I was able to get a friend of mine to go with me and try out the new First Flight Adventure Park located near the cause way in Nags Head.  It was a blast, we both had a good time climbing the different obstacles  and testing our skills and balance.  I was impressed at all the different, every day things that were used to create an airborne obstacle course.  Climbing into a kayak suspended 25 feet in the air was one challenge, along with tightrope walking on a 1 inch wire cable.  I tried to see how far I could get without using the ropes to for balance, I didn’t make it very far.     There were 6 courses, 2 in each difficulty level, and each one ended with a zip line back to the base tower. 

The Adventure Park in Nags Head

The view from the facility is awesome, and there is an observation deck at the top of the center tower so that after your adventure, you can gather up top to reflect on your accomplishments and enjoy the view of the sound and the ocean.   They were very safety conscious, and they provide everything you need that included the harness, helmet and gloves.  The ironic thing about this location of this park is that it’s located right next door to Dairy Queen.  I think my arm hurts more from the twisting it got when I tried to skip the ice cream afterwards, which had nothing to do with the challenge of the course. Everybody else doing the ropes course was having a great time as well, you would hear the giggles and comments from the participants and spectators.  Next time you are on the Outer Banks and looking for an adventure, give these guys a chance, they should do well on the beach.Guest Blogger, Bill Koebernick

Hurricane Sandy Update #4  (Monday, 10/29/12)

Monday morning here on the Outer Banks and the effects of Hurricane Sandy are starting to diminish.   Winds have died down overnight from the sustained 35 MPH speeds to less than 20 MPH this morning.  Wind gusts were in excess of 50 MPH yesterday with the strongest gust recorded at 70 MPH on Hatteras Island in Frisco.   The steady rain that has totaled more than 5 inches has become intermittent this morning and more of a drizzle as the storm is clearly moving towards the north away from our area.Fortunately there have been no serious injuries or deaths from the storm reported.  The only damage is to property and it seems the damage is minimal.  As the storm moves north our thoughts and prayers go to those who will be affected in the future by this monster storm.   We know we were very fortunate this time!  

Highway 12 South of Oregon Inlet on Sunday afternoon

The local emergency management officials report that Highway 12 is still closed south of the Oregon Inlet bridge due to high water and sand on the roadway.  There have been three road damage reports received from Hatteras Island.   The southbound lane at the New Inlet Bridge has been breached, the roadway just north of Rodanthe at the S Curves has been breached, and both lanes have been breached just east of Hatteras Village.

Waves still angry at The Avalon Pier on Monday morning

In Kitty Hawk there has been significant ocean overwash in the area from Eckner Street to Kitty Hawk Road.  The Beach Road (highway 12) has been closed in that area due to debris and water on the road.   Water is standing between the beach road and US 158 in this area and the depth of the water is at least 12 inches throughout that area.

Waves breaking over the Frisco Pier on Sunday (Courtesy of Don Bowers)

The guests that are staying with Outer Banks Blue this week have all been contacted and their safety and comfort has been assured.  If you have reservations for a stay for this coming weekend you should plan on arriving as normal.  Our offices are open for business as usual today, and we look forward to serving you.

This is not recommended!  Salt water will destroy your vehicle’s underside!

Lots of pictures of the storm have been shared with us or forwarded to us here at Outer Banks Blue, and we wanted to share them with you this morning.   We’ve included a sample of some of the shots that we have seen over the last 18 hours or so…

House in Rodanthe not holding up well to the strong tides and wind on Sunday!

Bulkhead at Avalon Pier didn’t hold up to the tide

                                                                                                Ocean overwash in Kitty Hawk on Beach Road READ MORE

Top 10 Things to Do this Fall on the Outer Banks

Have you been thinking of taking a trip this fall? Searching for something new, possibly something different? Check out =&0=& =&1=& this year with lots of things to do other than walk on the beaches and spend endless hours soaking up the sunshine!  Here are some ideas to share with the rest of your group, perfect for a full week or a weekend getaway before it’s too chilly to spend time outside enjoying the beauty!  We have weekly vacation stays, holiday family vacations & those much needed long weekends on select homes.  =&2=&The Island Farm in Manteo=&4=&=&5=&Kayaking on the OBX=&4=&=&8=&

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