Corolla Family Vacation in the Outer Banks

Here’s a great picture submitted to us by Gary Szczensny of Tonawanda, New York. Mr. Szczensny and his clan have vacationed with Outer Banks Blue several times over the years, most recently they stayed with us in Corolla at the property “House on The Hill” in early June.
 On a beautiful August Monday morning we thought this picture was a great memory to share with our readers and remind us all of what the beach is all about – friends, family and fun! Thank you Gary for such a great picture.
 Don’t forget to send along your best vacation memory pictures to be placed on our blog each Monday. Once per month we draw a random winner of a $100 gift certificate good towards a future stay with Outer Banks Blue! All the best from the beach! READ MORE

Let Outer Banks Blue ease your Mind

When you think of a vacation, what comes to mind? Oh yeah we remember, “waiting in line in an office for a key to the house, only to unpack your linens to make the bed; to scramble to find toilet paper and paper towels for using the restroom after a long ride to your destination”, right?… READ MORE

Memory Monday on the Outer Banks

This week’s Memory Monday submission comes to us from Tara Portsey of New York, New York who stayed with Outer Banks Blue in early June this year at the property “Guaranteed Fun.” Judging from this picture of “Sophia” we think the house name fit the experience well as Sophia is obviously having a big time on the beach!
 All the best from the beach! READ MORE

Surfing in the Outer Banks

This week’s Memory Monday submission comes to us from Diana L. Kunselman of Rimersburg, Pennsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue over Memorial Day week in Nags Head at the property “Whitman’s Sampler.” Tropical storm Beryl rolled through the Outer Banks during her stay and as you can see in the attached photo of her fellow vacationers they made the most of the opportunity by doing some “Redneck surfing” as she termed it. Even when a storm is evident the Atlantic ocean can still be a beautiful picture as evidenced in this second photo. The power of the sea really comes through in this shot. All the best from the beach! READ MORE

Ride the GO-CARTS on the Outer Banks in Kill Devil Hills

You can go zoom zoom & put the pedal to the metal and not worry about blue lights behind you at a Go-cart track on the Outer Banks! One of the many things you see families doing together while on vacation is going to ride the Go-carts. Each kid hopes they are tall enough this year to ride alone and without their parents. There are tracks in Corolla, Kill Devil Hills, & Nags Head. The Go-cart track just a few miles down Collington Road has 3 tracks. One track is for children 4-6 years old, with another track is the Family track where children can ride with the family or race in a single cart, and the last track is the FAST Adult track and no children are allowed. It’s a fun way to beat the heat and enjoy the beach once the sun goes down! Call Outer Banks Blue for details on where to go by your vacation home 877 248 4823!  READ MORE

Outer Banks loses its Most Famous Resident

Folks from around the Outer Banks are mourning to loss of undoubtedly its most famous resident – Andy Griffith, who died on the morning of July 3rd at his home on Roanoke Island.
 Nearly every “local” had some encounter with our very own Hollywood star even though he lived a very private and secluded life on his 70 acre estate just on the outskirts of Manteo. While Andy would frequent a few well picked local eateries and shops such as Basnight’s Lone Cedar café in Nags Head where he had his own special room, Owens restaurant, and sometimes he would be seen at the Lost Colony outdoor drama where he starred as Sir Walter Raleigh decades ago. There were tales of random sightings at the local pharmacy, hardware store or local newsstand, but he spent the majority of the last 20 years behind a non descript gate at the end of an unmarked driveway off of U.S. 64 on the north end of Roanoke Island.
 The iconic star of the Andy Griffith Show had a down to earth manner about him with his on screen persona, but also in his everyday life. I actually remember coming across him at a store in downtown Manteo when I was a high school student. I can still remember noting that he was barefoot and wearing cut off shorts when I came across him. I knew exactly who he was, but didn’t react like the rabid fan that I truly was (I saw every episode of The Andy Griffith show 10 times), and he seemed to appreciate that by looking up from his magazine staring me in the eye, giving that amazing smile, and saying “Hey…how you doin’ today?” I almost felt like his deputy sheriff Barney Fife or Floyd the barber from the television show days when he would always greet his friends “Hey.”
 I always felt that “Ange” decided to settle outside of Manteo just because of the interaction I had with him. Folks respected who he was, but gave him the privacy. He responded right back with respect and discretion. All the locals knew which driveway was his, and exactly where his house was located, but you simply never saw any locals mob him for an autograph or ask him to pose for pictures. He enjoyed his privacy, and Outer Bankers gave it to him. As I remember his last two decades I can only recall two very public appearances by Andy. One was standing up to fight a chain store grocery chain from coming to Roanoke Island (his team won), and the other was to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony on the “new” Manns Harbor bridge in 2002 from Roanoke Island across the Croatan Sound to the mainland. He and his beloved wife Cindi helped cut the ribbon on the new 5 mile long “Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge” and then were the first to drive across the new 4 lane span in a vintage automobile with a rumble seat. He was driving the vehicle (pictured here) with the Governor of North Carolina (Mike Easley) and his wife in the back seat.
Griffith, in spite of his reclusiveness, was very much a giver to the local community. In the early 80’s Griffith helped to form the Outer Banks Community Foundation ( . The Foundation, celebrating its 30th year in existence has given more than $4 million in charitable activities back to the local community including hundreds of college scholarships to deserving students.
 A native of Mount Airy, North Carolina Griffith was a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and became familiar with Roanoke Island and Manteo when he came to be a member of the cast of the outdoor drama “The Lost Colony.” He started in the annual summer production in 1947 when the production was just starting its 10th season. He started as one of the production actors, but in 1949 he got the starring role of Sir Walter Raleigh in the play and he kept that role until 1953. It is said that during that time he was walking through the woods near the Waterside Theater when he came across the land where his current residence exists and he decided immediately that is where he wanted to build his dream home.
 In addition to Griffith’s many film and television credits (A Face in The Crowd, The Andy Griffith Show, Matlock, etc.) one of the most notable entertainment accomplishments of Griffith was a comedy routine entitled “What is Was – Was Football” where he delivered a side splitting monolog describing the first time a naïve country boy witnessed the game of football being played. “and I think it’s some kindly of a contest where they see which bunch-full of them men can take that punkin an’ run from one end of that cow pasture to the other’n without either gettin’ knocked down—‘er steppin’ in somethin’ !” It is still a funny bit nearly 60 years after it was performed by Griffith on the Ed Sullivan Show.
 Griffith by any account was a huge Hollywood star. 8 years of a top television show in the 1960’s, numerous film credits, a notable Broadway resume, and a surprising hit television series in the 1990’s “Matlock.” But with all of his credits he seemed to be most proud of his down-home roots. Eddie Green, a noted merchant, former Mayor of Manteo, and fan of the arts was in The Lost Colony with Griffith in 1953. Green said “Everyone took pride in knowing Andy.” That really sums it up for the folks of the Outer Banks.  READ MORE

Dog Friendly Vacation in the Outer Banks

This week’s Memory Monday submission comes to us from Carrie Pohl of Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue in May at the property “Glistening Sands” in Nags Head. Glistening Sands is one of 83 properties that Outer Banks Blue has in our rental program that allows your dog to come with you AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, and Carrie brings us a picture of “Snoopy” who is really glad about that. READ MORE

Photos from our Corolla Vacation

This week’s Memory Monday submission comes to us from Jane Greenough of Christiansburg, Virginia who has stayed with Outer Banks Blue multiple times over the last several years. Most recently Jane and her family stayed with OBB the week of Memorial Day in Corolla at the property “Aurora” in the Corolla Light subdivision. Jane obviously had a beautiful week to stay on the OBX judging by these photos. We look forward to serving her and all of our guests this summer! All the best from the beach! READ MORE

Flying Kites in the Outer Banks

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Sharlene Crowell of Cicero, New York who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last month in the property “All Seasons” in Nags Head. This photo is of Shar and her husband sitting on the deck of the house enjoying the view which she tells us is one of her favorite pastimes. Shar also tells us one of her other favorite memories from visiting the Outer Banks in Mid-May was watching her guests fly kites on the beach like this “Red Baron” kite that she caught a shot of. Thanks for sharing your photo memories with us Sharlene. We look forward to serving you again soon. All the best from the beach! READ MORE

An Outer Banks Beach Proposal

This week’s Memory Monday submission comes to us from Mario DiTeodoro of Newark, Delaware who brings us a very memorable story to share on this Memory Monday about his stays (multiple) in the property “Wine N Sea” in the Duck Landing Subdivision in Duck….we will let Mario fill in the details on these pictures. READ MORE

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