Thumbs up to our OBX Family Vacation

This week’s Memory Monday Photo submission comes to us from Tanya Reimer of Beamsville, Ontario, Canada who recently stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the property “Beach House on The Moon” in Duck. Tanya shares this photo which symbolizes the feeling of the entire Outer Banks Blue staff today…..”Thumbs up! Summer is here!” Today, Memorial Day, marks the official start of the summer season here on the Outer Banks. Our roads are a bit busier, the beach has a few more people laying on it today, and the sun seems to be just a little bit hotter. Even though we still have a few days left in May we are all in a summer mind set here on the Outer Banks, and we look forward to seeing you here soon! As Tanya would say “Thumbs up” for an Outer Banks Blue vacation! All the best from the beach! READ MORE

Family Vacation in the Outer Banks

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Diane Holzworth of Goldboro, North Carolina who recently stayed with Outer Banks Blue and snapped this picture of her daughter and son in law on the beach. “It was a relaxing time for me, my husband, daughter and son in law. We spent a fantastic week in an Outer Banks Blue rental. We are all anxiously awaiting our first grandchild in a few weeks. This picture, taken on the beach behind our rental house, was a lovely keepsake at our week at the beach.” Thanks for sharing Diane, and congratulations on becoming a grandmother! All the best from the beach! READ MORE

Waves crashing on the Outer Banks in Kill Devil Hills North Carolina

  Monday is not always a “fun” day but when you can get by the beach…all of that changes. Its a gorgeous way to spend your time, even if noone says a word and all that you do is watch the waves roll in. Many people are fishing the day away on the pier, fishing is a fun hobby for many people traveling to the Outer Banks. What is your favorite thing to do? Call today, and find out what the “catch of the day” is at Outer Banks Blue! =&0=&

Dog Friendly Outer Banks Vacation

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Mackenzie Hale of Fort Bragg, North Carolina who recently came to enjoy the Outer Banks with her husband Adam and her dog “Breck.” READ MORE

Wild Horses in the Outer Banks

This week’s Memory Monday submission comes to us from Joanna Nunnally of Richmond, Virginia who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last July in the property “Double Anchor” (# VOH004). Double Anchor is a very unique property that is literally the last property you come to in Corolla before the beach access and the property that is set aside as a reserve (State Park) where the Corolla Wild Horses roam. These pictures are fantastic and give a great representation of a complete Outer Banks vacation that Joanna and her family experienced while they were here last summer! Joanna tells us “We had a blast and we can’t wait for our return trip in July….83 days to go!” We can’t wait to have you back Joanna, and thanks for your photo memories of your trip! All the best from the beach!

Outer Banks House Fire

Fortunate no one lost their lives, Outstanding effort by firefighters, Predictable given the wind, Scarry sight to see. These are some of the statements that have been heard often over the last week on the Outer Banks in response to the house fire that started last Saturday night (4/14/12) in the Pine Island Subdivision in Corolla. Two vacation rental homes on Cottage Cove Road were completely lost to fire, and a 3rd house is severely damaged as a result of the 13 alarm fire which took place during a strong wind. 18 rental guests escaped the property where the fire started with their lives, but not much else. Reports indicate that the fire spread so fast and engulfed the house so entirely that the occupants were unable to retrieve any of their personal belongings. Purses and wallets were even left in the property as well the 6 vehicles that belonged to the occupants were completely consumed with fire within moments. The fire was reported at 9:28 PM last Saturday night, and within 9 minutes the first fire trucks were on scene. Firefighters pumped 1,000 gallons of water per minute to try and contain the flames, and in spite of great efforts of 13 different fire departments on the scene they were unable to save the three structures that were lost or most severely damaged. READ MORE

Spring Time in the Outer Banks

“Easter vacation time is one of the first times we notice life coming back to the Outer Banks after a winter escape for many visitors. The flowers begin to bloom, the sun brings life to the brown earth and we see new green leaves sprouting on our trees again. Many people love to come to Duck, because of the fact that they are able to walk to many of the shops and attractions. Just a quick stop today on the way to Corolla, to show you life begins again on the Outer Banks of NC.”
“Visit Duck the next trip you make to stay with Outer Banks Blue, and we look forward to seeing your video!” READ MORE

Beautiful Wildlife in the Outer Banks

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Ken Diomedi of Salem,Virginia who has stayed with Outer Banks Blue multiple times over the years. Most recently Ken, his wife Michelle and their gang stayed at the Patterson property in the Currituck Club.

Ken shares with us some shots from their last stay on the beach. Ken says the sand shark that they came across in Nags Head was a memory that the kids won’t forget any time soon, but for his tastes he will take a picture of the Corolla Wild ponies on any vacation. READ MORE

North Carolina Aquarium Visit in the Outer Banks!

This week’s Memory Monday Photo submission comes to us from Melissa Boos of Depford, New Jersey who rented with Outer Banks Blue last Thanksgiving in the property “Always Sunny” in Kill Devil Hills. Melissa has provided us pictures of her adorable identical twin sons Grayson and Sawyer who were 11 months old when these pictures were taken. READ MORE