How to Avoid the Traffic on Your Drive to the Outer Banks – Updated

In 2014, we released this article because summer traffic to the Outer Banks was a topic we knew could use a little insider information on how to avoid this traffic. The article was well received and many people responded with their own tips and tricks. 3 years later avoiding traffic on the drive to the Outer Banks is still a subject that is valuable to our visitors so we decided to update this article with some of the wonderful tips provided by our readers. READ MORE

Goodbye Summer: Memory Monday September 1, 2014.

Goodbye Summer

Today’s Memory Monday brings a bit of mixed emotions as we mark the unofficial end of summer today.   While we have great memories of Summer 2014, we also are going to miss the warm weather, calm seas, and fun outdoor activities that summer provides. READ MORE

How to Avoid the Traffic on Your Drive to the Outer Banks

Anyone who has driven to the Outer Banks on a Saturday knows how bad the traffic can be during peak season.  Just recently I heard a report saying the traffic was backed up 20 miles behind the Wright Memorial Bridge. READ MORE

Pro Volleyball Hits The OBX!

Pro players spike the OBX!

Saturday on the Outer Banks was a perfect day for beach volleyball, and the EVP tour had it’s share of players trying to win top prize money and claim the Outer Banks Championship title.
EVP Pro Volleyball players in Action at Jeannette’s Pier
The Outer Banks weather cooperated perfectly, with blue skies and sunshine and a breeze out of the north.  While it was very comfortable on the sidelines sitting in the sun, the players were still commenting on how hot it was getting on the court during play.  Jeannette’s Pier was a great venue to hold this event with the pier house shielding some of the northern winds, and it gave some of the pier goers a chance to watch some top level volleyball while they fished or walked around the venue. It took all day, the first games started at 8 am with nearly 20 nets set up lining their way down the beach.  By late afternoon, they were down to two teams of ladies and two teams of men playing for the title. While the Men’s Open Division had a handful of local teams trying to get on the podium, it was the 16 and under girls that came out in force.  This was their opportunity to play in a local tournament and it appeared that most of the younger girls coaches encouraged them to test their skills at this golden opportunity.  Thanks to the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau for bringing this event back to the Nags Head for the second year in a row, and a big kudos to all the men and women who traveled and competed in the event.  What a great reason to spend the day on the beach with friends and watch some great competition! Courtesy of Guest Blogger  Bill Koebernick

Wright Memorial Bridge Open to Traffic Again

This Wednesday morning brought good news for Outer Banks commuters as the west bound lanes of the Wright Memorial Bridge was re-opened to traffic this morning just in time for the morning commute! READ MORE

Top 10 Tips for Driving to Outer Banks Vacation Rentals

Want to incite a sea of squeals and screams? Turn to your family or friends and shout, “ROAD TRIP!” Just the thought of taking off down the highway to a new adventure brings a jubilant state over just about everyone. READ MORE

Wright Memorial Bridge Update

Bridge Construction Progressing over Winter

The temperatures have fallen dramatically on the Outer Banks over the last few weeks, but construction activity on the Westbound span of the Wright Memorial Bridge continues to work at a heated pace. READ MORE