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Top 5 Kid-Friendly Features to Look for When Booking a Vacation Rental

When you're traveling with kids of any age, you know it's critical to pack everything possible to make their experience a real treat. However, even though you'll drive to the Outer Banks, it may not be feasible to bring all they want to your vacation destination.
When booking your family-friendly vacation rental, make a point to look for these five amenities. They go a long way to ensuring your little kids, tweens and even teens have a memorable time.
#1 Kid-Friendly Beds
Sleeping in a new environment is a fun experience for kids of all ages - if there is age-appropriate bedding, that is. Look for kid-friendly options including bunk beds, dorm-style rooms, single beds and other choices that will allow your children to have a blast and sleep soundly.
#2 Game Tables & Consoles
Vacations are about having fun, so search for properties that offer games. Whether good, old-fashioned game tables (such as air hockey or foosball) or video game consoles such as Wii or Xbox, the entire family can play together.
#3 DVD Players
It's impossible to control the weather during every vacation. Planning for days with poor conditions is a must when you have kids. Rentals that provide DVD players are a lifesaver in these instances. A quick trip to the local rental machine or store can turn the tone from tearful to joyful.
#4 Baby Equipment
The extra room that bedding, chairs and other essentials take up in your vehicle can be a strain. Look for vacation rentals that provide porta-cribs, highchairs, pack-and-plays, etc. to ensure your baby has everything s/he needs.
#5 Swimming Pool
Whether you're reserving a beachfront cottage or a luxurious golf-course manor, a private pool is a must. Smaller kids can quickly tire of the wind, noise and confusion on the beach. Having a quiet pool all your own to relax or play in is the perfect alternative.
When you search the Outer Banks Blue site, be sure to check the box for "baby equipment." You'll be shown vacation rentals offering necessities that will make your child's stay (and yours!) more enjoyable. 
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