Weather Advisory #1: Tropical Storm Arthur (3:00 PM 7/2/14)

July 2, 2014 1:40PM EST

Is there a Hurricane coming to the Outer Banks?
As of Wednesday morning there is a tropical storm off the coast of Florida. It is named Arthur. The storm is moving north at this point, and it is expected to move to the north east as well as strengthen as it approaches the Outer Banks. It is expected to affect our area on Friday morning and afternoon.

Is my vacation going to be interrupted?
For guests that are here now – At this time there is a Hurricane watch and a Tropical storm warning posted for our area which means tropical storm conditions could affect us in the next 36 hours. You should stay tuned to local radio stations to get the latest information regarding the storm. There are no evacuations posted for our area at this time, but if an evacuation is called you should leave the beach right away.

For guest that are to arrive this coming weekend – At this time there is a Hurricane watch and a tropical storm warning posted for our area. We will reach out to you prior to your arrival should there be any evacuation ordered for our area that will affect your arrival. Otherwise you should plan on coming to enjoy your stay as normal.

What happens if there is an evacuation order?
Any evacuation order would come from our Emergency Control Group. If an evacuation is ordered you should follow it (either leave if you are here, or stay away if you are scheduled to arrive). We will provide storm updates on our website and blog once there is a hurricane warning in place.

If you are in one of our houses now we ask you to please take the porch/deck furniture off of the decks and either stack it under the house or put it inside the house. Please lock all windows and doors when you leave, and put your trash cans under your house.

Will there still be fireworks?
The fireworks displays have been cancelled for this area on Friday night.   Some have rescheduled for Saturday night and others are being pushed back to Monday night.

How bad will it be?
At this time the storm is forecast to pass the Outer Banks as a Category 1 Hurricane. This would mean highest sustained winds would be between 74 and 95 MPH. Heavy rain typically reaches out from the center of the storm. All forecasts call for the Outer Banks to have heavy rain and strong winds on Friday. Otherwise we are all tuned to the weather forecasts just as you are at this time to find the latest information.

Will I receive a refund if I leave?
If you purchased trip interruption insurance you would be eligible for a refund for any period of time that the Outer Banks is under an evacuation order (as long as you evacuate). If you did not purchase the travel insurance there is no option for a refund. If no evacuation order is issued there will be no refunds either. You should contact the insurance company to initiate a claim.

I didn’t purchase travel insurance. Can I stay?
When/If an evacuation order is issued it is a requirement to leave. The emergency control group would only issue an evacuation order if they feel like there is a danger to you and your family. The order is meant to protect everyone. We urge you to leave. Police and Fire will typically go through neighborhoods. There actually is a law in place that requires your departure when an evacuation is called.

Will the bridges be closed?
If there is an evacuation order issued typically state police will move in to block access to the area. Only property owners and residents will be allowed access to the area. While the bridges will not be closed, the roads may be blocked from traffic

When can I come back?
Evacuation orders are lifted by the same emergency control group that posts the evacuation order. They will lift the order once the roads are passable and the area is deemed safe. If you are staying here this week it is unlikely that you would be welcomed back before this weekend. Be aware that there may be electrical, telephone or cable outages for some time after the storm however.



Weather Advisory #1: Tropical Storm Arthur (3:00 PM 7/2/14)

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