Memory Monday 1/16/17

Polar Plunge

Greetings from the Outer Banks in January!   On this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday the Outer Banks aren’t exactly the summer hot spot that it will be in a few months as we are feeling temperatures in the 40’s and we have overcast, cloudy conditions with a little rain coming through early this morning. READ MORE

Memory Monday 1/9/17

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Greetings from the cold and frozen Outer Banks!   We did not get as much snow as was predicted this past weekend (3 to 6 inches were predicted to fall on Saturday), but we did get about an inch of snow and the very cold temperatures which made (and is still making) an icy mess.   Main roads are clear on the Outer Banks today, but yesterday was treacherous travelling on the beach, and with temperatures dipping into the teens both last night and the night before we expect there will be many broken pipes and problems in our houses when things warm again into the 50’s tomorrow. READ MORE

Memory Monday 4/18/16

Happy Patriots’ Day!

Some of us are dreading today because it marks “Tax Day” on our calendars (don’t forget you have to get your taxes in by Midnight tonight!), but in Massachusetts, Maine and Wisconsin today is a state holiday that commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord (American Revolutionary War). READ MORE

Memory Monday 11/10/14

Happy Birthday Marines!

Last week I happened to be travelling in Florida and was waiting for my plane in Orlando while reading a book.  I was startled to hear a gate agent at Southwest airlines yell a “yahoo” and started applauding.  Looking up I saw a group of young Marines walking through the concourse in full gear. Her appreciation for their service soon spread like wildfire and within 30 seconds nearly every passenger in the area was on their feet and applauding the service of these young men. It was quite a scene. READ MORE