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Hurricane Sandy Update #4  (Monday, 10/29/12)

Monday morning here on the Outer Banks and the effects of Hurricane Sandy are starting to diminish.   Winds have died down overnight from the sustained 35 MPH speeds to less than 20 MPH this morning.  Wind gusts were in excess of 50 MPH yesterday with the strongest gust recorded at 70 MPH on Hatteras Island in Frisco.   The steady rain that has totaled more than 5 inches has become intermittent this morning and more of a drizzle as the storm is clearly moving towards the north away from our area.

Fortunately there have been no serious injuries or deaths from the storm reported.  The only damage is to property and it seems the damage is minimal.  As the storm moves north our thoughts and prayers go to those who will be affected in the future by this monster storm.   We know we were very fortunate this time!  

Highway 12 South of Oregon Inlet on Sunday afternoon
The local emergency management officials report that Highway 12 is still closed south of the Oregon Inlet bridge due to high water and sand on the roadway.  There have been three road damage reports received from Hatteras Island.   The southbound lane at the New Inlet Bridge has been breached, the roadway just north of Rodanthe at the S Curves has been breached, and both lanes have been breached just east of Hatteras Village.

Waves still angry at The Avalon Pier on Monday morning
In Kitty Hawk there has been significant ocean overwash in the area from Eckner Street to Kitty Hawk Road.  The Beach Road (highway 12) has been closed in that area due to debris and water on the road.   Water is standing between the beach road and US 158 in this area and the depth of the water is at least 12 inches throughout that area.

Waves breaking over the Frisco Pier on Sunday (Courtesy of Don Bowers)

The guests that are staying with Outer Banks Blue this week have all been contacted and their safety and comfort has been assured.  If you have reservations for a stay for this coming weekend you should plan on arriving as normal.  Our offices are open for business as usual today, and we look forward to serving you.

This is not recommended!  Salt water will destroy your vehicle's underside!
Lots of pictures of the storm have been shared with us or forwarded to us here at Outer Banks Blue, and we wanted to share them with you this morning.   We've included a sample of some of the shots that we have seen over the last 18 hours or so...

House in Rodanthe not holding up well to the strong tides and wind on Sunday!

Bulkhead at Avalon Pier didn't hold up to the tide

                                                                                                Ocean overwash in Kitty Hawk on Beach Road

Beach Access area in Kill Devil Hills this morning

                                   Beach road in Kill Devil Hills looks like a navigable waterway this morning.

The Beach Road in Kitty Hawk is a mess

We will update this page as conditions warrant and as more scenes are shared with us.

All the best from the beach!

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