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ATTENTION OUTER BANKS PROPERTY OWNERS: THERE IS A BETTER CHOICE! Declare this your year to celebrate owning a Vacation Rental Home!
Outer Banks Blue wants to provide you with a different experience, where we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations in rental management and you feel like part of the team! We deliver unmatched experience, results, and "Blue Ribbon” customer service.
The equation for success starts with your Rental Management company and the services provided to your guests to keep them coming back year after year. We value your business and put you first on our list of priorities.
As an Outer Banks Blue property owner, you’ve earned the right to receive the greatest possible return for your investment while actually being able to enjoy your property. Let us introduce ourselves to you and a partnership arrangement with a competent firm that operates with integrity and provides optimum service above all. We vow to avoid frustration for owners and solve matters with common sense, hard work and communication. A second home is a luxury that should be worry free. Let us show you how it can be done.
Most owners expect three things from their rental management firm:
Maximum bookings, Property care of their investment, and Timely Communications.
Maximum Bookings
Outer Banks Blue provides maximum bookings by executing innovative, aggressive and comprehensive marketing campaigns. Using these strategies Outer Banks Blue is fast becoming a front-runner in rental management firms offering high quality homes on the Outer Banks:
Proper Care of Your Investment
The maintenance and care of your home is the number one reason for complaint by homeowners and tenants alike. Through personal detailed attention and follow-through Outer Banks Blue offers solutions to a historically maddening area for homeowners:
Timely Communications
Communication should be done at the convenience and on the terms of the homeowner. Electronic communication is convenient, but does not replace the need to pick up the phone and talk. Outer Banks Blue operates with communication as our number one priority for owners and guests:
Guest Services
Rental guests want to feel special. They are trying to unpack 51 weeks of hard work into one memorable getaway to the Outer Banks. Outer Banks Blue does all that we can in our communication to ensure that our guests understand their importance to us:
Property Management
We are aware of a growing number of property owners that do not wish to rent their property, but at the same time desire professional management services for their investment property.
One of the services offered by Outer Banks Blue is a "property management" program whereby owners of houses with few or no rentals can contract with the firm for a number of services such as housekeeping, light maintenance, and home inspections. Costs of this program will be based on a discount off of market rates and will require the owner to maintain a minimum balance in their trust account to satisfy any costs that become due to the company.
Let us introduce ourselves to you; we offer a partnership agreement with a better kind of management company. Whether your "blue chip" accommodations are for your own enjoyment or are in a weekly rental program, we're here to provide service to you above all.
Contact Debbie Runnells (Outer Banks Blue's Vice President of Business Development) for a comprehensive overview of services designed to benefit you and your investment. Debbie will introduce you to the Blue difference and will gladly answer your questions about how doing business with the right company can make all the difference in the success and enjoyment of your investment!
"You've always taken such excellent care of us, we gave our neighbors our unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement of you when they were interviewing for a management company at the beginning of the season. We are delighted that: (1) they told us our recommendation influenced them in choosing you, and (2) more importantly, but not surprisingly, they've also told us they are quite satisfied with their choice."
R.G. Owner, Sea Fox, Sanderling
" It makes us proud that our home is renting so well and that we're getting such positive feedback from our guests your crew is doing a great job and we are thrilled with all you do for us.”
MB, Owner, DL002 Wine N Sea

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