Outer Banks Vacation Rentals Rules & Regulations

Last Minute Reservation
Any reservation made with an arrival within 48 to 24 hours is to show up to the office with a credit card and ID. We will verify that the names match and at that time take a photocopy. Once we have done this, we will be able to take payment and print off check-in information.
Cancellation Policy
All cancellations or reservation changes (including changing dates or switching homes) must be made in writing. The guest is responsible for verifying that Outer Banks Blue has received their cancellation letter. We cannot refund any advance payment for a canceled reservation unless the home is re-rented for the entire period and prepayment has cleared. We make every effort to rebook your home; however, if the home is not rebooked, you forfeit all monies paid. Once your reservation is confirmed (i.e. money deposited in the owner's account), any cancellations, changes of dates, or switching of homes will invoke the cancellation policy. If a cancellation is successfully re-rented, all the rent and taxes will be refunded, less a $250 cancellation fee, and any funds used to discount the week in an attempt to get it rented for the owner. The cost of any travel insurance will not be refundable.
Arrival Time
Outer Banks Blue has three check-in days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Your property's individual description and the front of your lease will specify the check-in day that applies to your vacation rental. Access to your property is between 4-6 PM on the day of check-in. With the size and complexity of our properties, our housekeepers need every minute to ensure that your vacation rental is clean. Please do not interfere with their work or pressure our staff to allow you entry before 4 PM. It's a large job, and we all do our best to get you into a clean and inviting vacation rental. For security reasons, DO NOT ENTER THE PROPERTY OR USE THE POOL OR HOT TUB UNTIL AFTER 4 PM. Do not plan on buying groceries before check-in. We do not provide refrigeration facilities.
Our properties are cleaned after every guest departure. Please call our Housekeeping Department immediately upon arrival if the property is not cleaned to our guidelines as listed in the property. The evening prior to departure, remove all trash from the property and place in outside receptacles then leave receptacles by the road for pick up. Leave all towels on the bathroom floor in the property. Clean and reshelve all dishes. Clean out the refrigerator and make sure the coolness setting is placed in the middle. Close and lock all windows and doors and depart by 10 AM. Before you leave, it is very important that you lock all doors and windows. You may contribute to our food pantry by leaving any unopened, non-perishable items on the counter in the property or by placing your food items for donation into The Sonder Project bag provided in the rental property.
All information and descriptions are subject to daily updates and changes; information represented on the Outer Banks Blue website. To assure website information accuracy call your Reservation Representative at (252) 255-1220.
Distance to the Beach (DTB)
Distance to the Beach (DTB) is determined by measuring, in feet, from the driveway of the vacation rental property to the nearest community beach access and then up to the approximate position of oceanfront properties (which is considered the zero mark). This information is approximate and is not deemed to be a true source of accuracy.
Smoking Policy
Outer Banks Blue properties do not permit smoking of any kind inside or on the premises. This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, marijuana, and vaping. When renting a property with Outer Banks Blue, it is with the understanding that smoking is not allowed at the property. If there are signs of smoking inside the property there will be a $500 fee charged to cover the extensive cost of restoring the property to a smoke-free condition.
Dog Policy
There is no need to leave your dog in a cramped kennel for a week, as many Outer Banks Blue properties allow your dog to vacation with you! Properties allowing dogs have a limit of two domestic, housebroken dogs with a weight limit of 75 pounds each unless otherwise noted within the property's description. Dogs in non-dog properties are strictly forbidden and will result in your eviction.
*Dogs are welcome in dog-friendly homes at no additional cost to the guest*
Cat Policy
Cats are not allowed in any of our rental properties. Cats are strictly forbidden and will result in your eviction.
Grills & Fryers
Outer Banks Blue properties provide a charcoal or gas grill for our guests to use while occupying the property for their vacation week (see listing for each property to see which is provided). Guests are responsible for cleaning and removing the remnants from around and on the grill after usage. Grills are not permitted to be moved or placed on the wooden decks of the property due to the hazard of fire. These rules also apply to large propane deep fryers. The heat and grease can cause extensive damage to screens, wood & siding on the home as a result of being placed or left too close and of course also present a fire hazard. Grills and fryers should only be used on concrete surfaces away from the house for safety’s sake.
Hot Tubs/ Heated Pools/ Fireplaces
  • Hot tubs are open year around.
  • Properties with the amenity "Heated Pool" can have pool heat, for a fee of $400 plus tax. Properties that do not advertise heated pools do not offer pool heat at any time. Pool temperatures vary and degree of warmth cannot be guaranteed.
  • Private Pools are open from May 3, 2024 until October 13, 2024 and May 2, 2025 and October 12, 2025. Some properties may have an extended pool season. See property description for details.
  • Occasionally, some pools and spas in Dare & Currituck Counties may experience a mild ground current. Generally, this is not caused by a pool defect or the household electrical system but appears as a result of the earth’s own natural electrical current. Certain properties may be affected more than others and the current tends to be intermittent in nature. Please be advised, however, that this may affect the operation of pacemakers and other similar devices.
  • Gas fireplaces are shut down from May 15 until September 15.
Internet & Cable Television
Outer Banks Blue is not responsible for any cable and/or internet connectivity or speed. Please report this to our office and we will contact the vendor to report the problems.
Items left on the beach
Please remove your personal & rental items each day from the beach, not to be left overnight. Outer Banks Blue is not responsible for any personal or rental items left on the beach overnight. The Outer Banks enforced a new policy in 2013 to permanently remove items left on the beach overnight, not to be recovered.
Leaseholder Responsibilities
Many of you will vacation with other family members, although only one member of your party will sign the lease. THE LEASEHOLDER MUST BE 24 YEARS OF AGE. The leaseholder is responsible for payment, deposits or other responsibilities as detailed in the lease. Please read your lease carefully. OCCUPANCY IS RESTRICTED TO FAMILY GROUPS ONLY.
***No firearms or fireworks are allowed on the premises.***
The leaseholder is financially responsible for damage done to the property beyond normal wear and tear. Outer Banks Blue reserves the right to run a credit card authorization to cover any damages to the property. You will be notified of any excessive cleaning charges or damages made and the amount that will be charged to your credit card IF necessary.
The occupancy limitation of each resort property is designated on your lease. This number is the MAXIMUM total occupancy. Children are counted in total occupancy unless they are under age two and normally sleep in a crib. Over-occupancy is a violation of your vacation rental agreement and will cause an expedited eviction as allowed by the Vacation Rental Act of North Carolina.
The parking capacity of our rental properties is typically one vehicle per bedroom with a maximum of five vehicles (no matter how many bedrooms are in the property). For example, a three-bedroom would typically have enough parking for three average size vehicles; a four-bedroom would have parking for four, etc. Please keep in mind that condominiums usually only have enough parking for two vehicles per individual condo. Please note that parking restrictions are STRICTLY ENFORCED in many areas of the Outer Banks. Do not park on the street in front of your rental property or risk being towed or ticketed. Local ordinances prohibit the connection of RVs for transit only to property. Certain subdivisions also prohibit the parking of RV's in the driveway of the property, and several subdivisions have very strict ordinances with regard to the use of any trailers (i.e. motorcycle trailers, boat trailers, jet ski trailers). Please call our Reservations Department for further details.
Payment Policies
Initial payment is due within 24 hours of booking and all reservations are to be paid in full 30 days prior to arrival.
Checks are accepted through the mail only after the initial down payment has been made and e-checks can be submitted on a secure server on our website (see link for Make Payment on top of page under Vacation Rentals ). We accept (only via phone in our local office) Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards 9am-5pm. 
Taxes, as required by North Carolina, include the collection of 6.75% Sales and Use Tax for all fees, goods, and services charged to tenants. Also, there is a Local Lodging Tax (Currituck County & Dare County at 6%) on the gross lodging costs. Taxes are subject to change. Taxes will be disbursed upon the termination of tenancy or a material breach of this Lease Agreement.
Terms and Conditions
Upon making your reservation, a link will be sent requesting your advance payment, which amounts to 50% of your rent plus 7.75% Trip Insurance coverage (optional). We must receive a signed lease agreement and this payment within 1 day of the date you made your reservation. If you DO NOT wish to purchase Trip Insurance coverage, you may decline the charge by initialing where indicated on the lease and excluding the insurance premium in your initial payment. If payment is not received within 24 hours (1 day), your reservation is canceled without notice. We only rent to family groups.  We do not rent to non-family groups, which includes, but is not limited to, fraternities, college students, high school students, etc. In-season reservations can be made for weekly increments only.
The lease is a vacation rental agreement under the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act. The rights and obligations of the parties to this agreement are defined by law and include unique provisions permitting the disbursement of rent prior to tenancy and expedited eviction of tenants. Your signature on this agreement, or payment of money, or taking possession of the property after receipt of the agreement is evidence of your acceptance of the agreement and your intent to use this property for a vacation rental.
All checks are deposited in the agent's interest-bearing account with interest paid to the agent until disbursement. When making your remittance, include the leaseholder's name on your check or money order, along with the folio number. Your balance, including taxes of 12.75% (6.75% state sales tax and 6% county lodging tax), is due 30 days prior to your arrival date. Reservations made less than 30 days prior to your check-in date require full payment by credit/debit card (includes a processing fee). We cannot accept personal checks at check-in. Many of you will vacation with other family members or friends, although only one member of your party will sign the lease. The leaseholder is responsible for payment, deposits, or other responsibilities as detailed in the lease. Please read your lease carefully.
Travel Delay/Cancellation
Outer Banks Blue offers optional vacation insurance. If you wish to purchase vacation insurance, you must include payment for the premium along with your signed lease agreement within 24 hours of making your reservation. Travel Insurance is offered on all lease agreements. Insurance includes coverage for medical emergencies and cancellation insurance for a mandatory evacuation. This insurance covers the rental rate and taxes paid for the property you reserve. The total cost is included in your initial balance due, but you may decline the travel insurance coverage. The initial balance due would then be the amount indicated on your lease, less the exact cost of this coverage (also indicated on your lease). We strongly urge you to purchase this coverage to protect your vacation investment, as no refunds will be offered, even in the case of a mandatory evacuation. If you have questions, please contact Red Sky Travel Insurance at 1-866 889-7409. You may read details on their website 24 hours a day- Red Sky Travel Insurance
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