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Booking an Outer Banks House Rental? Enjoy Vacation Without Gaining 10 Pounds

10 Tips for Enjoying Your Vacation Without Gaining 10 Pounds

If you are watching your weight, vacations can be a mix of excitement and worry. With all that fun always comes an overload of red-flag foods that it's best to stay clear of. Whether you're just starting a new weight-loss regime, you're maintaining your goal weight or you're somewhere in between, there are ways to enjoy your vacation without gaining 10 pounds.

No, you won't have to "deprive" yourself for an entire week while everyone else indulges. That wouldn't be much fun, would it? It's all about forethought and eating with intention. With these 10 tips, you'll be able to create a plan that lets you have some vacation pleasures without wrecking everything you've achieved so far.

1. Make Food Decisions Ahead of Time

Plan which days and which meals you'll eat out and which you'll cook in your rental house. For meals you eat out, Woman's Day recommends viewing menus from local restaurants online and deciding what you'll eat before you arrive.

2. Split Meals

Have you noticed the portions most restaurants give these days? Oftentimes, there is easily enough food for two people. In addition to menus, look at pictures of meals online before you head. Once you arrive, check out diners' plates as you're escorted to your table. If the portions look as if they are king-sized, plan to share a meal with your spouse, friend or child. You'll save money and calories!

3. Eat In

Outer Banks house rentals include fully equipped kitchens that make cooking in a breeze. Make eating in fun! Choose themes for every meal: Mexican, Chinese, grilling, seafood, vegetarian, etc., then research new recipes to try. Let every person/group choose a meal, so the entire group gets involved.

4. Include Super Foods

Because you'll have a kitchen, you can choose what to have on hand. Include super foods in your meals ( has a great list) that promote weight loss while being healthy. Also, take along some snacks for the drive. Here are several from that don't require refrigeration. Perfect for not only your trip to the rental house, but while you're out and about as well.

5. Cheat Strategically

Vacation is about doing fun things you don't usually do. What fun is it to watch everybody else eat ice cream while you sip a diet soda? You can break from your normal routine if you do it wisely. Allow yourself one small scoop (or some other treat) while you're exploring the Outer Banks. On days you indulge, bump up your exercise to help ward off weight gain.

6. Keep Track

It's been proven that writing down what you eat keeps you accountable. Don't neglect this practice while on vacation. Don't leave your list at the rental house... take it with you so you don't forget to include snacks and meals you eat while out.

7. Take the Focus Off Food

It always feels as if everything revolves around eating when you're trying to lose or maintain your weight. While food is a big part of our culture, it doesn't have to be the focus of your vacation in the Outer Banks. Yes, plan your meals and snacks, but turn your attention more toward doing fun things. Planning all the sights and attractions you'll take part in will keep you active and prevent you from fixating on food.

8. Plan for Exercise

Sleeping in and staying up late are all part of going on vacation. However, don't let that derail your workout routine. With wide-open beaches, plenty of areas for walking and the pool at your condo or house rental, the Outer Banks is the perfect setting for exercising in fun ways!

9. Get Mentally Ready to Return

As you prepare to leave your Outer Banks house rental, mentally gear up to get back to your normal eating habits. Remind yourself about the progress you'd made previously and get ready to accomplish your weight-related goals once you return.

10. Setback? Get Right Back on Track

If you're like most, you will most likely gain a pound or two while on vacation. Recognize that, despite your best efforts, slight weight gain could happen. Don't let that little setback throw you completely off track. Many people just give up. Just like indulging too much put the weight on, eating right will take it right back off.

You've worked too hard to blow all you've accomplished now. Planning your meals and exercise ahead of time empowers you to enjoy your vacation without any serious problems. Congratulations on your success so far and we'll see you soon in the Outer Banks!
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