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Our Outer Banks Family Tradition

This week's Memory Monday submission comes to us from Anita Wells who stayed
with the Cramer family of Salt Lake City, Utah in the property "Beach House
on The Moon
" in the Four Seasons Subdivision in Duck this past August.

We will let Anita explain what you are looking at here: 'Our Cramer family
gathered at 109 Four Seasons the week of August 14th, since we try to gather
from all over the US at the Outer Banks every five years. And as has become
a tradition, my brothers all shaved mohawks while we were there, this time
including some young nephews in the fun as well. They call it the
"bro-hawk," and when they return home to respectable jobs the mohawk is
buzzed, but the memories remain. And I believe they even did it on the
Monday of our trip this year!"

Wow! That is truly a Memory Anita. Thanks for sharing...we look forward
to serving the Cramer family again soon.

All the best from the beach!
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