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Outer Banks Beach Treasures

Some folks are surprised to drive on the beach north of Corolla and find these mysterious "stumps" at the water line approximately 3 miles north of the village.This picture, sent to us from Mark Heimbach of Emmaus, Pennsylvania shows the ghostly former trees at the tide line.The fact is the Outer Banks is in a constant state of motion and where the tide line is today is where a maritime forest used to exist. Constant erosion, and movement of the barrier island towards the west has over the course of centuries exposed the bases of these former massive trees. Nice to look at but dangerous when driving on the beach this picture is a good reminder of the constant movement of the Outer Banks.Mark and his family stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the property "Long Distance Voyager II" in September of 2010. We thank him for his submission and we look forward to serving he and all of our guests in the upcoming summer season!All the best from the beach!
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