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Outer Banks Blue Named Greenest Outer Banks Rental Company

I just finished up a couple of advertisements for Outer Banks Blue Realty, located in Kitty Hawk NC. They are now the "Greenest Outer Banks Rental Company" and have been working very hard to eliminate the unnecessary and revamp the way business on the Outer Banks operates in conjunction with the environment. If you think about it, this really makes sense. Not that going green as a company doesn't make sense everywhere, but it really applies to the relationship of businesses with this particular area. If you have ever been to the Outer Banks then you know why of course, it is beautiful and obviously an all-natural attraction for vacationers. The beaches are the main attraction for visitors, so why not help keep it that way? Keep the beaches, keep the local economy thriving, plain and simple.Outer Banks Blue Realty Services is a family owned and operated vacation rental management, property management, and real estate services company operated in Kitty Hawk, NC. Founded in June, 2005 the basis of the company is competent personalized service by experienced professionals.How Outer Banks Blue is making a difference and going green...CONSERVE VIRTUALLY ALL PAPER TO GUESTS BY USING EMAIL & INTERNET
  • We offer Electronic Rental Agreements (we do not mail paper copies, which eliminates time, paper, money, gas andwork).
  • We email the balance due notices and receipt of payment, rather than mailing those as well
  • We have converted to e-cards for holiday greetings rather than traditional paper cards.
  • We email check-in information when applicable to them (without pool passes or car passes needed to access communities, items that must be mailed to guest).
  • We update all Online Information, to eliminate paper to produce our Annual OBX BLUE Vacation Home Brochure.
  • We also offer a "paperless" payroll to conserve paper for printing checks in our company. We either use direct deposit or offer a debit card for usage with our foreign students or employees without a personal banking/savings account. We no longer print checks for company payroll.
  • Have made donations to local Preschools to recycle our paper products.
Moving onto other things we do, these are ways that we recycle, reduce or and conserve our paper usage as a company.
  • We offer Keyless entry into our homes, meaning they receive a code to access the home and do not have to use gas to come to our office to receive a hard key, we also do not have to reproduce the hard key for usage from renters. This feature saves the guest time, they receive directions to the home and they are able to drive straight there, instead of coming to our office and waiting in line for keys.
  • We give our guests a complimentary OBX Blue Welcome Bag, that doubles as a Thermal Grocery Total, that is made of recycled materials.
  • Our Housekeeping department reuses our cleaning materials(rags), as we wash and reuse those items.
  • We recycle and reuse our Housekeeping cleaning bottles (also the company we use for our chemicals does have a "Green Cleaning Line" that we are getting more information on at the current time in the review idea of possibly using more of those chemicals for 2010. The line of Green cleaning supplies is new and not in use by our company at this time.
  • We provide both bed and bath linens to our guests at no additional charge. Our linens are cleaned with an "Ozone Technology Cleaning", which uses less water and chemicals in each wash.
  • We stock our homes with Biodegradeable soaps and cleaners, in our "Starter pack" for the guests.
  • Donate used Printer Cartridges to local High Schools for reusing.
By: Heather
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