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Outer Banks Mom and Pop Restaurants, 6 You Must Try

If you're going on vacation, why not eat where the localseat? You can find chain restaurants everywhere you go, but for these 6 "mom andpop" restaurants, you won't find their delicious recipes or one-of-a-kindatmospheres anywhere other than the Outer Banks.

Sam and Omie's

Outer Banks Restaurants

Originally opened in 1937 by local fishermen, Sam &Omie's is a Nags Head legend loved by locals and visitors alike. Thisfishermen's favorite is the perfect spot to stop for a bite to eat beforeheading out for your day of fishing; it couldn't be any more convenientlylocated either. After you've finished your delicious meal complete with countryham and a good ole' southern style biscuit and gravy, head right across thestreet to Jennette's Pier. You can even come back for lunch and dinner to enjoyone of their "sam"wiches from the sea with fresh seafood or the catch of theday and a tasty dessert by Dolly. Look no further than Sam & Omie's for anA+ experience in fresh food and southern hospitality to match.

Kill Devil Grill

Outer Banks Restaurants

Owners, Bill and Liz Tucker, have been serving up the OuterBanks with friendly service, supreme quality and unique but delicious dishesfor the last 15 years. From the Back Yard Wings for an appetizer to the classicroot beer float for dessert, this cozy restaurant will make you feel right athome with their family-friendly service and diner style atmosphere. There's noshortage of glowing reviews for the Kill Devil Grill online and after one visityou'll see why. Eat here, thank us later!

Miller's Seafood & Steakhouse

If you're looking for amazing seafood and steak, look nofurther than Miller's. Two generations have worked to incorporate familyvalues, hospitality, quality, and excellence at this Outer Banks dining tradition,and it shows. Husband and wife, Brian and Beth, don't take a back seas approachto running this restaurant. When Brian isn't in the kitchen making deliciousmeals for patrons, he's probably next door at American Pie serving up pizza andhomemade ice cream. Beth works the front of the restaurant and is ready togreet you with a smile and a friendly "welcome back!" Open from breakfast todinner, you can stop in for your morning coffee and biscuits and then come backlater for the best fresh NC scallops, Pamlico Sound fresh flounder, surf &turf, or even sushi!

Henry's Restaurant

Since 1989, Henry's has been serving up breakfast, lunch anddinner year-round. If you're looking for a down-to-earth dining experiencewithout the fuss, head over to Henry's for "just good, simple food done OuterBanks style." Owners Henry and Linda Ezzell recognized a need for a no frillsrestaurant that didn't skimp on quality or taste, but didn't break the bank orrequire you to change out of your beach attire either. With something foreveryone, any time of day, you can get something small and simple like agrilled cheese with fries and a pickle or go all out with a seafood combinationplatter like the Fried Seafood Lover's Platter with shrimp, scallops, oystersand trout with your choice of two sides. Either way, you can't go wrong withgood, old fashioned Outer Banks style cooking.

Owen's Restaurant

Outer Banks Restaurants

In 1946, the Owen's family moved their restaurant fromRoanoke Island to Nags Head, but kept the same integrity and attention todetail that kept their business thriving. Come by for a mouthwatering lobsterdinner or filet mignon, or just to hang out at the Station Keeper's Lounge fora drink and live entertainment. As soon as you step foot through the frontdoor, you're immersed in local history, original OBX memorabilia, and familyheirlooms. If an Outer Banks Museum and restaurant were combined, it would beOwen's. Owned and operated by the same family over 70 years later...Owen'sRestaurant stands the test of time and after one visit you'll see why!

The Colington Café

Last on this list but certainly not least, is The ColingtonCafé. With fresh off the boat mahi, grouper, tuna and more and produce from theInner Banks, your taste buds will crave The Colington Café after your firstvisit. Not only is the food delicious, but the atmosphere is unmatched. Thisrestaurant is a bit of a hidden gem, operated from a Victorian house nestledamong the oak trees and surrounding gardens. Whether you're looking for divineshe crab bisque, seafood pasta, or filet and crabmeat with a nice glass ofcabernet sauvignon, you're sure to find something to delight your palate. TheCafé is the perfect combination of comfy cozy meets high class.

The Outer Banks is full of family-owned establishments soit's hard to only pick a few, but this is a good place to start! Did yourfavorite make our list?

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