Families Come Together in the Outer Banks

It is a fantastic Monday on the Outer Banks with sunny, clear skies and temperatures in the mid 70’s. A great time to consider a fall getaway to the Outer Banks and a time to make family memories! Speaking of which this week’s Memory Monday submission comes to us from Sue and Jay Reed of Wilmington, Delaware who have been getting their family together on the Outer Banks for the past 9 years. READ MORE

Making Outer Banks Beach Memories

This Monday is an absolutely gorgeous beach day here on the Outer Banks, and we want to dedicated this week’s Memory Monday to the place that creates a majority of the memories on the OBX – The Beach!

This week’s submission comes to us from Kim Merickel of Cardon, Ohio who stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the “Beachcomber” property in Corolla in June. Kim’s pictures of her family enjoying the OBX beach are of her daughter Krystel , KIim’s Son in law Tim McCaskey, Kim’s husband Mark, and most importantly their very special girl Dani Taraba who is four years old and loves the beach. Dani has downs syndrome, but she obviously is enjoying her time at the beach more than most children ever would. What a great memory to share with all of us! READ MORE

Summer Weddings @ Outer Banks Blue

Boy, something is in the air this summer on the OBX! This week’s Memory Monday is our second wedding photo of the summer, and we can’t think of a better place to start a new life together than the Outer Banks! This photo is submitted by Renee McQuillen of Protage, Pennsylvania who says “I wanted to share my most memorable moment of OBX 2010!”

She and her husband have been vacationing on the Outer Banks and particularly in Corolla for years, but we here at Everything Outer Banks think this might just be their most memorable stay! Best wishes Renee on your marriage. READ MORE

Queen Bee at Outer Banks Beach

This week’s Memory Monday Photo Contest submission comes to us from Karen Klinefelter of Fuquay Varina, North Carolina who presents us this cutie at the beach. This young lady is Karen’s granddaughter who was enjoying the Outer Banks for the first time when she and her family vacationed at Outer Banks Blue’s the property in Duck “The Whole Enchilada.” READ MORE