Road from Vacation Back to Real World Could Use a Rest Stop

By: Burt Constable, Columnist Chicago Daily Herald

Everything Outer Banks is pleased to introduce Mr. Burt Constable to our readers today. Mr. Constable is a columnist for the Chicago Daily Herald, and he recently returned to Chicago after an Outer Banks Vacation. He writes about what we believe all Outer Banks vacationers deal with – vacation hangover! Please check out all of Mr. Constable’s columns at READ MORE

Vacation Rentals Looking Good in Recent Study

The current gloomy economic environment is evidently affecting consumers’ interest in certain types of lodging accommodations, as revealed in the just-released Ypartnership/Yankelovich 2009 National Travel MONITOR. All of the information seems to point favorably to vacaton rental homes as a lodging alternative, and specifically places like the Outer Banks! READ MORE

The Growth of the Phrase “Outer Banks”

This week on “Everything Outer Banks” on Memory Monday, I am remembering the growth of this area and I am struck by the term “Outer Banks.” As a 46 year resident of the area I remember the day when I would tell people that I was from “Nags Head” because I didn’t have to explain where Kitty Hawk was (heaven help you if you told someone you were from Kill Devil Hills). The name Nags Head was known to most people I came in contact with as I grew up in the late 60’s and 70’s. Then there was a time when Kitty Hawk started gaining some traction among folks in Virginia and Maryland as a “known” destination, but starting about 10 years ago the term Outer Banks really started to take hold as the name for this place that we all love. READ MORE

Thinking of an Outer Banks Beach Wedding?

Spring time on the Outer Banks is definitely upon us, and in addition to the preparation of rental houses for the coming season we are also seeing weekend visitors increase. We’ve noticed here at “Everything Outer Banks” that some of those visitors are thinking about having their wedding on these mystical shores. READ MORE

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