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Super Pictures of the Outer Banks!


This week's Memory Monday submission(s) comes to us from Jenien Beach of Indianapolis, Indiana who brings us these "Super" pictures of the Outer Banks during the week of the Super Bowl! Does everyone know where the Super Bowl is being played this week? Yes! In Jenien's home town of Indianapolis.

We aren't sure if she would trade Indianapolis for the Outer Banks this week , but when you take a look at these great pictures that Jenien sent to us from her stay with us in September 2011 you get the idea this is a very special place for her and her family. Jenien stayed with us in the property "Gulfstream 101" and she tells us "simply lovely!!!! Can't wait to go back again!!"

Thanks Jenien....we look forward to serving you again and some more of your Super Pictures!

All the best from the beach!

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