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Safe(r) Outer Banks Activities During COVID-19

It would be an understatement to say that the past few months have been rather rocky for everyone with the current pandemic. Here at Outer Banks Blue we want to ensure that you have a safe and wonderful vacation that you can remember for many years to come! Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your...

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Top 7 Tips for Taking Insta-Worthy Vacation Photos

With social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, apicture is worth a thousand words. If you're looking for a place for someawesome Insta-worthy photos, you won't be disappointed with what the OuterBanks has to offer! Even if you never post them, it's nice to have an albumchock full of

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Great Places To Take Outer Banks Photos: Sunsets

For some very valid reasons, the Outer Banks has a reputation for amazing sunsets. With sounds and bays to the west of the sand bar and a shoreline with a wide variety of habitat, the possibilities seem endless.The most iconic sunset images of the Outer Banks are typically captured at the Whalehead

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Great Places To Take Outer Banks Photos

Keep the Camera at the ReadyThe beautiful beaches and sea breeze that are so wonderful on the Outer Banks are why so many people visit and come back year after year. And there is a lot to be said for that; we would never disagree that perfect sand and refreshing ocean air makes for a great place to

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Top 5 Best Vacation Tips Ever!

If you Google vacation tips you will find more lists than you will ever want to read. Some are very informative, some a very vague, and some just don't seem to apply to your needs and family. You need the best vacation tips.What I have put together is a list of what I believe to be the 5

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