Take the Ferry to Explore Ocracoke Island in the NC Outer Banks

Take the Ferry to Explore Ocracoke Island in the NC Outer Banks

Few places are as magical as Ocracoke Island. Once a favorite haunt of Blackbeard the Pirate, this remote retreat boasts some of America’s most beautiful beaches… along with breathtaking views of Pamlico Sound on one side and Atlantic Ocean on the other. Not to mention a legendary lighthouse, quaint shops, charming seaside restaurants, art galleries, and more. READ MORE

Fun Road Trip Activities That Keep Kids Busy

Anticipation is part of the excitement of getting to the Outer Banks. Road tripping, even with a car full of little ones, can be fun if you’re prepared. Here are some creative road trip activities that will keep the kids happy on your way to an Outer Banks adventure:

But First…Prizes

Prizes make car games more fun. Wrap small, inexpensive trinkets or car-friendly art supplies in leftover wrapping paper and let the winner choose from a grab bag. It’s always a good idea to have consolation prizes so no backseat fights break out. Prizes don’t have to be “things”; they can be vacation honors such as choosing a restaurant or an activity. Prizes can also be well-timed snacks — especially if the snacks aren’t something that’s normally allowed at home. Small beach toys that can be shared make excellent awards.

Mini Maps

Using Google Maps, print a one-page view of your driving route so kids can follow along. Visually divide the trip into small sections marked with an “x”. Each “x” indicates that it’s time for a snack, a prize, or a new game or activity.

Look Outside Games

State License Plate Checklist

Print out a list of state license plates and see how many you can spot while you’re on the road. To print out a visual list of the 50 official state license plates, just Google “official state license plates.” If you’re playing for a prize, give extra points for spotting a specialty or vanity license plate for that state.

Road Trip Bingo

Download and print any of the many free Road Trip Bingo cards on the Internet. You can also make your own by drawing or printing grids on half-sheets of printer paper. If you make your own, add a mixture of easy things to spot, such as birds and stop signs, as well as more infrequent sightings such as joggers and fire engines.

Travel Scavenger Hunt

Another great look-outside game is a travel scavenger hunt. You can download free checklists or make your own. See who can be the first to spot a cow, a lake, someone on a cell phone, someone wearing a hat, a church, and so on. The first one to collect the most things on the list is the winner.

Car-Friendly Crafts

Tinfoil Sculptures READ MORE