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The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

Who has the best seafood on the Outer Banks? This is aquestion we hear often as a local. To some a specific place might immediatelypop into their head, but when you take a moment to think about it this reallyis almost an impossible question to answer. After all, this is the Outer Banksand we are known for our seafood.

Although this is a difficult question that some would deemimpossible to answer, I've compiled a list of places that have some of the bestseafood on the OBX (in my opinion) ...

Rundown Café

The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

Rundown Café is a local restaurant that islocated around mile post 1. This is easily a local and tourist favorite. Theambiance is relaxing, and the food is amazing. There is an upper deck withbeautiful ocean views that you can enjoy drinks and appetizers on while youwait for your table. Or dine in my favorite section, the Tsunami bar. Enjoy aclassic surf bar with vintage long boards from every era of surfing scatteredaround the walls. You can order every tropical elixir you can imagine alongwith 5 draft beers, a full menu, and great ocean views. There are so many goodseafood items here, but the fish burrito is the one that outshines the rest tome!

I Got Your Crabs

The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

I Got Your Crabs is the perfect place tograb some seafood if you're looking for a local treatment. This is a familyowned seafood restaurant that catches their own crabs and sources the freshestlocal seafood. I recommend trying the local blue crabs or a delicious crab cakesandwich!

Mama Kwans

The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

Mama Kwans is definitely an OBX favoriteand if you've ever tried to get dinner there during the summer this will beobvious. This is one restaurant that you can't go wrong getting anything on themenu. With that said let me save you the trouble... shut the menu and order thefish tacos. These tacos are unlike any fish taco I've ever had and are perfectin every single way!

Hurricane Mo's

The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

Hurricane Mo's is a restaurant that hasmultiple amazing seafood options. If you're looking for a good deal, make sureto swing in between 3 and 5 pm every day for 10 cent shrimp! I highly recommendgetting some crab dip and dolphin fingers with the delicious jalapeno tartarsauce. If you happen to be in the mood for soup, they have the best Shea Crabsoup on the beach in my opinion. Sit at the outside bar for ocean views whileyou enjoy your meal.


The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

Steamers is easily one of the most wellknow seafood restaurants on the Outer Banks. The prices are a little more thanaverage but it's well worth it. Eating here feels more like a fine dining. Youcan enjoy a gourmet meal in their bright airy indoor dining area or withbeautiful ocean views from the outdoor deck. I recommend the Fish & Chipsor the Honey Bourbon Grilled Salmon. If you find yourself here for lunch don'tskip out on the Wanchese Shrimp Boat. If you're in a hurry or prefer to eat inyour vacation rental, grab a steamer pot to go!

Tale of the Whale

The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

Another fine dining seafood option locatedin Nags Head is Tale of the Whale. Tale of the Whale is a waterfront restaurantwith beautiful views overlooking the Roanoke Sound. Enjoy a gourmet take onfresh local seafood from a family owned restaurant. They have everything fromfried to broiled seafood. I highly recommend the Tale of the Whale SeafoodPasta or the Seafood Kebobs!

Red Drum

The Best Seafood on the Outer Banks

Last but not least is Red Drum Grille &Taphouse. Whether you're looking for a casual relaxed dining atmosphere or abar with 18 beers on tap, they got you covered! If you are a clam chowder fanthey definitely try the Red Drum chowder, a Hatteras-style clam chowder.Otherwise I highly recommend the Shrimp Con Queso. This is an appetizer thatyou don't want to pass on. Picture spicy chipotle shrimp with cheese dip, bakedand topped with parmesan cheese and scallions, served with tortilla chips. As abonus they also have a game room and lounge with billiards, foosball tables,and video games!

Now before you get upset that we left offyour favorite place, these are not "The best seafood restaurants on the OuterBanks", they're just a few that stand out to me in order to help you findyourself with some delicious local seafood while you're here. The truth is ifits Outer Banks restaurant and they serve fresh, local seafood then you willnot be disappointed.

With that said, who has the best seafood onthe Outer Banks in your opinion?

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