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Travel Channel's Samantha Brown and OBX Blue

SamanthNational Geographic Adventure in Travel Expo Logoa Brown loves Outer Banks Blue!

So the Outer Banks Blue Vacation Rental Crew is back on the beach this Monday after an eventful weekend at the National Geographic Adventure in Travel show in Washington DC this past weekend.

Thousands of would be Outer Banks VacationerOuter Banks Blue Pirate Hats and Bootys came by the Outer Banks Blue booth at the show to collect their official Outer Banks Blue Pirate Hats and Booty (we gave away 500 pirate hats on Saturday alone!).

The surprise of the weekend however is when the Travel Channel's Samantha Brown from "Samantha Brown's Passport to Great Weekends" stopped by the Outer Banks Blue Booth to say hi and take a snapshot with our own Trish Mohr.

Trish Mohr and Samantha BrownSamantha only stopped at our booth as she entered the convention center and made her way to the main stage for an autograph session and the keynote address of the weekend. She was very gracious, and mentioned "I just love you guys!" as she left with her body guards, manager, and others who rushed her to the main stage where a huge throng had gathered to see her speak. Clearly she was the draw of the weekend as there were easily 1,000 people in the main auditorium (standing room only) to see her!

Look for Samantha to follow through on our offer of accommodations for a Passport to a Great Weekend on the Outer Banks.

The Adventures in Travel Expo was a huge hit for Outer Banks Blue, and gave us all great memories of our whirlwind weekend in Washington.

Until next time...we leave you with some more images of the expo!

Outer Banks Blue Booth at Travel Expo

OBX Blue at the DC Travel Expo
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