Bedrooms We've rented from them for six years and have been very pleased with their service. Bedrooms
Gloria Walterreit, Guest from Ocean's 11 in Duck in March 2013
Bedrooms Great service, friendly staff. Helped with directions to the home. Better that other rental service we ever had! Thanks! Bedrooms
Ninna Saunders, 2013 Guest in "Someday Came"
Bedrooms So many people helped me it is hard not to list them all, but Natalia went well out of her way to schedule my In-stay cleanings on different days, so that my guests were always well taken care of - thank you Natalia!! Thank you Outer Banks Blue!! Bedrooms
Linda Reilly, April 2013 Guest, Sentimental Journey
Bedrooms The service was great, everything was as stated on your site! Bedrooms
Claire Mahoney, May 2013 Guest, Stillwater
Bedrooms The customer service was outstanding! The house was represented accurately on the website. The details and communication helped the entire process go very smoothly. Bedrooms
Jennifer Muhl, June 2013 Guest in Duck Heaven

All 13 family members were pleased beyond expectations! I asked each one, 'What else would you like to have had at our rental?' The response was always, 'I cannot think of a thing!'

Carol Dembroski, June 2013 Guest
Bedrooms Everything was smooth from making reservations to accessing the property, to responsiveness to questions. Bedrooms
Aubrey Clutter 2013 Guest
Bedrooms Outer Banks Blue provided excellent service and ease with every facet of our rental. Bedrooms
David Hine, 2013 Guest, Scoop In Town
Bedrooms Company was always on top of things. Bedrooms
Michele Kenney, August 2013, Beach Bound
Bedrooms We've had a great experience for three years in a row with Outer Banks. Bedrooms
Marianne Hileman Guest at Peace Place
Bedrooms The whole reservation process was quick and easy with attention to detail and follow up. Descriptions of property and amenities included were very detailed. Bedrooms
Bernice Cockinos, Gull Cottage guest in Southern Shores in August 2013
Bedrooms The search, planning, and process of organizing and taking the vacation through OBB was so easy; the keyless entry feature is perfect, no hassling with who has the keys, or worrying about what time we could make it to the rental office made everything stress free. Bedrooms
Cienne Keegan, 2013 guest, Sandy Claws
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