For a Good Time Call…An Outer Banks Musician

outer banks musicians

When summer comes around it’s hard to imagine that the permanent population of the Outer Banks from Carova to Ocracoke is maybe 40,000—and that’s only if Manteo and mainland Dare County are included. What may be just as hard to imagine is how many truly gifted musicians call the Outer Bank home—it a number that is out of proportion to the population. READ MORE

Stolar Memories 7/16/18

Stolar Family pics

Good morning and thanks for stopping by Everything Outer Banks to check out Memory Monday.   Each week we provide you photo memories of our guests and they are always great.  Some would call them Stellar.   That takes us to our title this week as these pictures were brought to us by Kelly Stolar so we have named this week’s blog “Stolar Memories.”   Get it? READ MORE

What Makes Outer Banks Weddings so Wonderful?

Ryan & Rach Photography

Are you dreaming of a beach wedding? Envisioning getting married with a jaw-dropping ocean vista in the background? Want an iconic lighthouse in your photos? Large or small, formal or casual, the Outer Banks has dozens of stunning, romantic backdrops for wedding ceremonies. READ MORE

Beautiful Sunsets – Memory Monday 7/2/18

Sunset number 2

Welcome to July!   Man is it warm?   The answer is yes.    Temperatures are not expected to dip below 90 this week for high temperatures.    Definitely a great week to be at the beach.  Warm weather, cool water, and amazing fireworks are set to all happen on the Outer Banks.   We start the week with Memory Monday and some great photos of sunsets on the Outer Banks. READ MORE

Dolphins – Memory Monday 6/18/18


Greetings from a sunny, hot and beautiful day at the beach.  It is just about a perfect Outer Banks day, and we hope you are ready to enjoy a stay with us soon.  Today’s Memory Monday photo submission brings us an early morning sign of a good day.  Dolphins frolicking in the surf. READ MORE

Tour the Famous Ocracoke Lighthouse

Ocracoke Lighthouse tour

Ocracoke Inlet is the oldest inlet in the Outer Banks. As an entry point for English colonists who passed through it in 1585 on their way to Roanoke Island (Manteo), it provided a safe, smooth passage. As the colony grew, Ocracoke Inlet became a thriving hub for trade. As trade and traffic increased, the inlet developed a notorious reputation for being dangerous — but not because of the shoals. READ MORE

Memorial Day = Memory Day 5/28/18

Memory day

Greetings from the Outer Banks on a beautiful Memorial Day.  The weather has been perfect for whatever outdoor activities you wanted to do all weekend and the unofficial start of summer has arrived.   With all of the fun family summer activities it is easy to forget that this isn’t just a holiday weekend where we get an extra day with our families.   This past week a letter to the editor from a veteran put it in great perspective for us here at Everything Outer Banks by saying we should rename this day – Memory day. READ MORE

Corolla Wild Horses: An Outer Banks Treasure

Corolla Wild Horses

Summer has settled over the Outer Banks and a little past where the paved road ends in Corolla, the heat of the day is settling in. It promises to be a great beach day, warm temperatures, the ocean cool—but not too cold, and the surf rolling in with one and two foot waves. Families are on the beach enjoying the day…and not just human families. A stallion and his harem—three mares and a colt—are playing in the surf. No one is quite sure why the Corolla Wild Horses seem to enjoy the surf so much, but the most reasonable explanation is for the same reason that people enjoy the beach—it’s a great way to cool off. READ MORE