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2009 Outer Banks Relay for Life

Well this week on Everything Outer Banks we have to take our collective hat off to the Outer Banks Relay for Life which benefits the American Cancer Society. Particularly we congratulate the Blue Team from Outer Banks Blue Realty Services which did a fantastic job raising money for the charity of our choice.The Outer Banks Relay for life was a 24 hour marathon walk around the track at the First Flight High School Football Field. It was held on Saturday, May 16th beginning at noon. The event was the victim of some rogue rain showers that passed through the area on Saturday afternoon, but the event went on undaunted through the afternoon, all evening, and eventually wrapped up at noon on Sunday, May 17th. A full 24 hours of fundraising for the American Cancer Society.Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated. There are many heart warming moments in the 24 hour event, but topping the list must be the "survivor walk" where all in the area that are cancer survivors walk one lap together around the track. This year's survivor lap was greeted with thunderous applause from all who attended. Another moving experience is the lighting of the luminaries (bags with the name of a cancer victim or a cancer survivor), and then the reading of all names on the luminaries. This year there were so many luminaries purchased that not only was the entire track encircled with the bags, but the words "HOPE" and "CURE" were able to be spelled out on the bleachers of the football stadium. A stirring site.The event was well attended, and the community responded very well to the call for help in fundraising for this worthy cause. OBX Blue's team alone raised more than $3,000 for the Cancer Society thanks in large part to the generous donations received from many of our homeowners. "Thanks" cannot properly express our appreciation to our wonderful homeowners for opening up their hearts and their checkbooks for this worthy cause.At the event itself The OBX Blue team had two fundraising ideas that went over very well. Our chief cook Mimi Shrader brought her crepe maker, and we made fresh crepes for all. Berries, powdered sugar, and pancake syrup was flowing at the OBX Blue booth all day Saturday and Sunday too!We also had a super fun fishing game for the kids. Every kid that played got an OBX Blue pirate hat just for playing, and everyone was a winner. If a player caught one of our magnetic critters in our plastic lake they got to choose a toy of their choice (cancer society stuffed bears, pirate bandanas, light up pens, bubbles, etc.). Outer Banks Blue's presence was definitely felt by all at the Outer Banks Relay for Life.The Outer Banks Relay for Life is one of the top events of its kind in the nation. Now in its 13th year, the Outer Banks Relay for life has consistently ranked among the top 10 community fundraising events of its kind for the American Cancer Society.Thanks again to all who helped at the Outer Banks Relay for Life!
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