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Memory Monday

Great Week in Corolla!

This week's Memory Monday submission comes to us from Rosemarie Sommer of Ashburn, Virginia who stayed with us at Outer Banks Blue this past August in the property "Beach Baums" in the Ocean Sands area of Corolla.

As you know summertime weather on the OBX can be quick changing with a sunny day changing into a tropical rain shower in the matter of minutes.  Here Rosemarie shares a picture of a double rainbow after one of those showers.

This rainbow seems to be coming out of a rental house in Corolla!

As we looked up the meaning of a double rainbow on the Internet we found that it symbolizes a transformation in one's life.   Well what better place on earth than the Outer Banks to have that be true!
The second photo that Rosemarie shares with us this week is one of the best sand sculptures we have ever seen!  Check out this monster alligator on the beach!!!

Watch your feet!!!!

Rosemarie tells us " the people in the sand sculpture photo are my seven children and three of their friends.  They worked on the sculpture all day and people around us enjoyed it all week.  It was a great week and lots of fun had by all."
We can't wait to see what this crew will come up with next year for a beach sculpture, and we look foward to serving Rosemarie and family again soon!
All the best from the beach!

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